Somali Immigrant Arrested For Trying To Run Down Jewish Pedestrians. National Media Silent

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We ran a story the other day about mass media reporting a spike in hate crimes and anti semetic incidents yet failing to report on the number of those committed by poc. This omission is not accidental, it`s to push the narrative that only white`s are guilty of racism and anti semitism, a narrative that the left dominated media has pushed for years. Creating the idea that only whites, or in other words- “F*cking white males!” commit racist hate crimes creates a false hatred against whites by other groups of people. It is deception and purposeful divisiveness, and it is malicious.

Today`s story relates to this, and this one like many others is virtually being blacked out of mass media. Mohamed Mohamed Abdi, a 32-year old Somalia immigrant has been arrested after allegedly trying to run down a group of Jewish pedestrians leaving a synagogue in Los Angelos. Witnesses said he was yelling anti semetic slurs as he ran a red light trying to ram the crowd, and then made a u turn trying to hit them again before crashing into a car. This story has been posted on a couple news sites but it has not been given any amount of time for discussion on the major media outlets. Had the driver been a “F*cking white male!” you can bet that the talking heads would be dedicating entire segments to this complete with analysis “experts”.  Read more from our hate crime reports here and ask yourself- What is mass media`s real agenda?



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