Social Justice Warriors To The Rescue: Vagina Monologues Cancelled Because Not All Women Have Vaginas

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Social Justice Warriors are on the frontlines fighting racism and social injustice wherever it rears it`s ugly head. The latest outrages have been identified and the lines have been drawn. What`s today’s outrage? The fact that not all women have vaginas. Yup, you read that right. I`ll explain in a bit, but before I get into today`s post I want to give a little background on how the left operates. As noted here, the left creates division in order to create victimhood in a person that they can then exploit. The left created the women’s rights movement in order to make women feel oppressed, to implant the idea in their head that they were slaves to men who only exist to pop out babies and that they needed to liberate themselves from this patriarchy. It was simply a way to destroy the traditional bond between men and women and ultimately to destroy the family structure in Western society.

Today’s women’s movement has been weaponized even more as they single out the smallest of non consequential issues and weaponize them, much the same way racism is thrown around in reference to anything and everything even though it is not there. Whether it`s a real division, or if it is just the natural progression of the far left in singling out nuances and creating victimhood and is being done by design, the women`s rights movement is now under attack itself for non inclusion. That brings me to today`s post- a Michigan college has cancelled a play of the Vagina Monologues because it is discriminatory to women who do not have vaginas. Again, yes you read that right, not all women have vaginas. This outcome was the result of a student survey circulated by Eastern Michigan College women`s resource center who asked for opinions on the play. Not only did people respond that the play was non inclusive because it only focused on cisgender women, but they also questioned whether the Vagina Monologues is still needed because it is irrelevant in today`s far left wave of feminism. Yes, this is how far we`ve advanced in society. The modern women`s movement = far left feminism = equality for vaginaless women. While this is progress and in my opinion is a good step forward for women`s equality, this does not go far enough as there are still lot`s of forms of women that are still being discriminated against.

In short, the women`s rights movement needs to abide by the rules. Women need to realize that not all women have vaginas and stop being discriminatory towards vaginaless women. Furthermore, organizations like the women’s march can’t cry for equality for women, but only for women with vaginas. Equality is equality, even when a vaginaless woman beats them in a wrestling match, a race, a weightlifting comp etc. Anyone who disagrees with this hates women and is a racist nazi homophobic republican… and stuff.

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