Democrat Eric Swalwell Suggests Using Nuclear Weapons Against American Gun Owners Who Resist Confiscation

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NPC’s: “Democrats don’t really want to take your guns.”

Democrats: “We have nuclear weapons that we’ll use against you if you don’t gib guns.”

NBC News recently ran a story about California democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell where he talks about his idea to ban assault weapons and buy them back from their owners, and go after those who refuse to give them up. This led to an exchange on twitter with Joe Biggs who said Swalwell must want a war because he wouldn`t give up his rights. Democrat Eric Swalwell responded by commenting that it would be a short war because the government has nukes.

This is a completely unhinged statement to make, to suggest that democrats would use nuclear weapons against those who didn`t want to give up their 2nd Amendment rights. Mass media were up in arms not long ago saying President Trump could lead us into a nuclear war with North Korea, yet they have said nothing about a democrat suggesting that they be used against fellow Americans. What`s also funny is that democrats regularly say President Trump is a nazi, a fascist etc, yet they are the ones advocating gun bans. That is called projection- when they accuse you of doing what they are doing, and that is also the easiest way to know what democrats are up to, whether its gun bans, election fraud, or a million other things they regularly accuse Republicans and Trump of. The question needs to be asked of democrats too, that if they really believe President Trump is literally Hitler and a fascist, then why would they want to take away your ability to arm yourself?




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