“Anti Semitic Tirade” On Plane Was Not An Anti Semitic Tirade

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It looks like once again mass media jumped the gun and got egg on their face reporting on “anti semitic tirades”. Just 2 weeks ago headlines were red hot reporting about a nazi yelling Heil Hitler! Heil trump! during a Fiddler On The Roof play. As it turned out the guy admitted he was an anti trumper and did it because the play reminded him of his hatred for President Trump. Similarly several news outlets over the weekend were reporting about a man who went on an “anti semitic tirade” during a plane flight last week. The reports were that he was on the plane causing a disturbance and also asked which passengers were Jewish, telling them to raise their hands. After a video of the man being arrested was posted on twitter, several people who knew him said the man is actually Jewish and was probably looking for other Jews to pray with him. What`s ironic is that during the arrest video he is heard yelling that there was a “white guy with blue eyes and he was just like Trump… he’s a Nazi!”. I haven`t seen any headlines running stories about a “Passenger Arrested After Disturbance On Plane Goes Into Tirade Against Man With Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes”. Why not?

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