Meme Alert: Congratulations Justice Kavanaugh

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Congratulations to Justice Kavanaugh for not backing down in the onslaught of seemingly fake democrat attacks and allegations. And thank you to the GOP for supporting him through this ordeal. Democrats and the left have used discreditable accusations in the past to attack candidates and individuals in attempts to have public support withdrawn from them. Had Kavanaugh backed down or had the GOP withdrawn it`s support in this case I believe it would have allowed them to successfully use it in any case going forward. It would have paved the way for democrats to successfully destroy the lives of anyone who attempts to take office opposite their party, keeping good people from stepping up to take these positions and completely destroying the ability of our democracy to function properly. In that respect, this nomination was important in more ways than imaginable. After this circus however, I can`t wait until Trump gets to nominate the next Justice :D

Btw, midterms are coming up. Democrats have vowed that if they win they will obstruct any further progress as well as attempt to undo everything that has occurred up till now. Make sure you get out and vote!


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