Mass Censorship Continues: Facebook Purges Over 500 Pages Leading Up To Midterms

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Mass censorship from social media continues to roar forward. The latest purge sees 559 pages and 251 accounts being purged on facebook. Of course and as always, terms of service violations are used as the excuse, but there is no doubt that censorship is also being engaged in against conservative outlets leading up to the midterms as it has been a goal of social media giants to stifle the political speech of their opponents since losing the 2016 election. Not only is free speech being attacked though, in an effort to stop people opposite their ideology from raising money to fight against them in the culture war, their finances are being attacked as well. And this is all coming from the same people who cry that Trump is the one destroying the countries democracy. Pro tip: If you ever want to know what democrats are up to, just look at what they accuse their opponents of. If you haven`t noticed yet, it`s tyranny and totalitarianism.

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