Johnny Rotten Sports A MAGA Shirt. Because Conservative Is The New Punk

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The left is the establishment, it`s a theme we`ve posted about for awhile now. They control Hollywood, they control the newspapers, they control the higher learning institutions, and they control mtv as well as the entire the music industry. When it comes to the music industry, and even more specifically the punk rock genre, it is a genre that the leftist run music industry has used to promote and push their agenda. Punk rock was and always has been establishment disguised as rebellion. The punk rock music scene of the early 80`s up till now was used in much the same way that the bands of the 60`s were used to push the leftist run music industries agenda. They are the establishment, and today you have establishment artists being praised by the same establishment outlets for pushing that agenda. Artists such as  eminem, green day, mike ness and snoop dogg all fall into that category, but every once in awhile you get those who recognize what real rebellion against the system is about. Johnny Rotten is one of those. He has spoken out in the past defending President Trump while slamming the left wing media, and most recently was photographed wearing a bright red MAGA shirt in his hotel room before a concert. In an age where the left dominates trends in society, conservative is the new punk rock.

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