It`s Not Always Just “White Racism”

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Dr. Kaye is a local radio host who does a show from 3-5 pm on 88.9 and does a show directed towards problems in the black community. I listen to her show on occasion because I enjoy hearing different points of view because there is common ground in issues relating to everyone. Other times you just hear the fallacy in it and it gives you a good opportunity to frame your argument in conversations. This past week was one of those fallacies. She had on one of the guys from the local black advocacy group Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle and the topic was- Why do white people call the cops on black people for “no reason”. Their theory was that it was just because of white racism. Meanwhile the video below was filmed here in Baltimore this past week, and it`s just one of many of these instances. This type of theorizing that white racism is the only thing to blame for prejudices is harmful to the black community because it is an attempt to ignore their own problems and actions and absolve them as just “white racism”. It does neither group of people a service. We`ve talked before about Jeffery Shaun King being a supposed leader for black Americans while doing the same thing. While white racism does exist, it cannot be blanket draped over everything. A genuine conversation needs to be had.




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