Free Speech Has Consequences. Marvel Writer Chuck Wendig Fired After Vulgar Attack On Republicans

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“Free speech has consequences”, that`s the line the left likes to use to justify attacking those whose speech they disagree with. One of the most popular things they like to do is to try and get people fired from their jobs. It`s a tactic that many have said will lead to a dangerous precedent because it will boomerang back around, but the left did not seem to care. Now that boomerang is flying. Just last week a Minnesota teacher resigned after being put on administrative leave for tweeting  that someone should assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Marvel Comics writer Chuck Wending is another one who just learned that free speech has consequences. He has been fired from Marvel after an explicit profane rant against Republicans and conservatives. One such tweet read “Winter is coming, you callous fucknecks, you prolapsed assholes, you grotesque monsters, you racists and rapists and wretched abusers, you vengeful petty horrors.”.  He had done work for Marvel in the past and had currently been set to pen a Darth Vader mini series. In general we don`t agree with censorship or other underhanded tactics used by the left in the suppression of speech etc, but they have set the rules, so they can eat it. They were warned not to open Pandora`s Box

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