Election Interference: Google Shut Down Toronto Mayoral Candidate Faith Goldy`s Campaign Ad 2 Days Before Election

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We`ve put up many articles and even did a short podcast about the censorship of the big tech companies and the gaslighting being done by them over election interference. The claim is that they are censoring people and pages who are posting things designed to spread false information, which started out by using the excuse that they are Russian operatives. Once they figured out that they could get away with this they just started banning and deleting anyone they wanted using the excuse that they violated the terms of service. There have been several Republicans / conservatives who are running for offices in their areas who have had their pages and ads censored. One man, Peter Y. Liu, a candidate for Oakland Mayor, is now suing twitter and facebook for $150 million for shadow-banning him leading up to the election. Most recently, Toronto mayoral candidate Faith Goldy had her campaign ads removed from google just 2 days before the election. In essence, this monopoly of social media outlets like facebook, twitter etc are partisan monopolies that control the flow of public information disguised as social media outlets. This is the real election interference.


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