Andrew Gillum, Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Has Jewish Woman Thrown Out Of Synagogue

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Journalist Laura Loomer (a Jewish woman) recently posted that Florida democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum had her forcibly removed from a synagogue. That video is below but it is receiving no national attention. Considering the horrific event in Pittsburgh yesterday you`d think the goal would be to expose antisemitism anywhere it rears it`s ugly head. The narrative right now however suggests that this is something solely attributed to right wing extremism, but while it is mostly considered a fringe and taboo topic among the right, it has been normalized and made mainstream by leftist college professors and politicians as well as activists. An article we posted last July even asked how the traditional leftist anti hate fundraising groups will deal with the rising tide of antisemitism of the new left. The article was based on one by The New York Post that asked whether Chuck Schumer will drop Israel to support Ocasio-Cortez. Read that here. Likewise several high profile democrat politicians as well as a former president have ties to Farrakhan, but that is never talked about. Why not? `

Getting back to Andrew Gillum, an article from the Free Beacon states that:

Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has aligned himself with several prominent anti-Semitic organizations known for promoting boycotts of Jewish goods and individuals, fueling questions about how the Democratic candidate would handle issues of import to the state’s large pro-Israel community.

Gillum, who is riding a progressive a wave of young Democrats highly critical of Israel, is running against Rep. Ron DeSantis (R., Fla.), a prominent Israel supporter. The Democrat has a history of working with several organizations promoting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement, or BDS, an anti-Semitic movement that seeks to wage economic and political warfare on the Jewish state.

Read more here.

Is this really the person Florida wants as a Governor? It`s curious why the antisemitism of the left is never addressed by mainstream media.


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