Financial Tyranny Continues: Paypal Bans InfoWars

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In the first Label 56 Indie Media Podcast we discussed how the big tech companies were silencing people with views they opposed in online social media outlets. In our second show we discussed the little known fact that on the financial end their  counterparts in the credit card companies and online payment companies were denying the use of their services to people whose views they disagreed with. The latest to be hit is InfoWars who has been banned by paypal. As posted by RT:

“According to Infowars, PayPal had conducted a comprehensive review of their website and found it “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions.”

The service offered no specific examples. Infowars says the two examples they were given off the record were their criticism of Islam and opposition to transgenderism being taught in schools. PayPal’s definition of hate “is so vague that virtually anything could qualify,” Infowars said.”

And again, this how they operate. They use the vaguely worded Terms Of Service to deny people of opposing views the right to use their services. In the tweet posted by Paul Joseph Watson he asks the question- “What’s next? Conservatives not allowed to have bank accounts or make credit card purchases because of their wrongthink?

Well essentially this is what`s happening. When credit card companies do not allow a business to accept orders from customers, then yes you the consumer are being punished. Again, as I said in the podcast, this is mommy and daddy telling you what you can and cannot buy. If these things are not challenged it won`t be long before it moves into outright denying on a personal level. It is financial terrorism to enforce thought control.

It is my opinion that they are banning businesses and news outlets because they don’t want people opposite their ideology to be able to raise funds to use against them in the culture war. The left is scared and are using draconian efforts to keep their control. If this were the government doing it everyone would be up in arms, but because it is private companies everyone says it`s their right. But when you have a tiny minority of companies controlling everything you have a problem. This leftist totalitarianism and tyranny needs to be challenged any way legally possible, it needs to end. And just to give you a little more food for thought, this is why the left is so adamant about denying Trump`s Supreme Court nominations. They do not want Constitutionalists on the bench, they want social justice activists who they can use to back up their draconian policies and laws in order to enforce their liberal dictates on America.



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