3 Year Old Boy Latest Victim In Acid Attack In UK

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Updated 7/26: Based on statements made in many other news outlets when we originally posted this article, we thought that this was a hate crime that was being covered up. As it turns out, the 3 year old is the child of one of the men arrested.

Three men in Sadiq Khan`s London, and a fourth in Wolverhampton have been arrested after a horrific acid attack on a 3 year old boy. The child was with his mother in a store when a pink liquid was thrown on him resulting in serious burns to his face and arms. The attack is being called a deliberate attack but many outlets are reporting that they do not think there was any connection between it and a rally earlier by the English Defense League who were protesting a new mosque being built. While we haven`t come across any pictures of the child or the mom and cannot verify this theory, in reading between the lines we assume that these men- who appear to be of middle eastern background, targeted the child because he was white. The UK does have a history of trying to hide crimes by immigrants against the people of the UK and have even jailed people for discussing these things.

As for acid attacks, they are fairly common in the UK and especially London where the city has seen a dramatic demographics switch. Acid has become the weapon of choice for gangs as well as those seeking revenge on others as these attacks carry a lesser sentence than using a knife. As for knives themselves, the UK is currently engaged in a war on knives to try and stop knife violence.

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