Keystone United Annual Leif Erikson Celebration

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Yesterday in Philadelphia, Keystone United held their annual remembrance celebration honoring Leif Erikson- a Norse explorer who in pc academia is known as the first European to have discovered North America. We say pc academia because there is plenty of dispute that is not given legitimate investigation into that may prove Europeans were in North America before the Indians came over the land bridge from Asia. Nevertheless pc academia credits Leif Erikson with the discovery and to honor this great explorer Keystone United have held a celebration every year for over a decade at the statue of Thorfinn Karlsefni along boathouse row in Philadelphia. As usual, those opposed to Western civilization were out to protest. These protestors are people who blame Christopher Columbus and Europeans in general for destroying a “peaceful population” all the while ignoring the tribal warfare, slavery, ritual murders and more that were being carried out by the indigenous peoples. Read more about what indigenous people did to those they didn`t like here.

Aside from violent alt left protestors, Keystone United also was condemned by the mayor of Philadelphia who said “You are wrong. The message is you are wrong. Being white is not being supreme,” added Kenney, “I just think that there is no place in our society for that kind of hatred that kind of white supremacy or Neo-Nazism.” This quote shows just how out of touch some Americans are and how indoctrinated people have become by marxist propaganda that they equate Europeans honoring our ancestors to neo-nazism, white supremacy and hatred. That is true intolerance.


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