The Single Most Important Viking Trait

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The Single Most Important Viking Trait

Looking at modern man, I am often saddened by how weak he has become. I’m not talking about the physical abilities of today’s male population or the fact that today’s young, male generation has a dangerously low testosterone level, although that is a problem in itself. I’m talking about the mentality of the modern man, and how I hate to see so many of my fellow Scandinavians turning into weak-willed individuals who wouldn’t have been able to speak up for themselves even if their lives depended upon it. I’m living among cowed people and I think my Viking ancestors are looking at us, shaking their heads, wondering how this could have happened.

I see this happening everywhere. Dumbed down and pacified by tv entertainment, too much food and the lack of intellectual challenges, modern man has become so disconnected with nature and his true nature that I no longer can relate to his way of life. Even if I’m in the middle of a camp of Viking reenactors, where maybe you should expect to see some Viking spirit, I often feel this. Some Viking reenactors treat the Viking Age as nothing but a reason to go to a fancy dress party and get drunk, but I guess that’s a topic for another blogpost. For a long time now, I have been looking into the Viking psyche, trying to understand what makes a Viking and what makes a Viking so different from modern man, and I think it all comes down to one crucial personal trait.

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