Baltimore’s hate crimes and cowardly acts

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This past week there was a blatant attack in broad daylight in downtown Baltimore in which 9 people ranging from ages 12-18 attacked a white guy and stole his phone. This was a discussion on the local talk radio show yesterday and as I listened to the host shout down a caller who asked if they should also be charged with a hate crime if reminded me of an old article from the old One Maryland blog. This was posted after mass media went into a frenzy when 3 white guys beat up an elderly black man and related it to the silence of mass media when it came to the numerous black on white crimes that were occurring.

Baltimore’s hate crimes and cowardly acts

The word cowardice generally is used to describe someone who does not live up to their potential. It can come in many different forms.
Emotionally it can be used to describe a lack of strength or the unwillingness to stand up for one`s convictions. Physically it can mean
the unwillingness to perform up to one`s standards because of fear of some
kind of backlash. It can also be used to describe a situation in which one
takes advantage of another who is weaker, in other words being a bully.
This last description is apt when it comes to the “hate crime” that was
committed here in Baltimore. For those that do not know it truly was not
only a cowardly act, but a sickening one as well in which 3 young males
attacked a 76 year old man with a pole. It just happened that in this case
the victim was black and the attackers were white.

As this was truly a brutal crime it rightly deserves the attention mass
media is giving it. This story is at the top of every news broadcast and
we are constantly updated with the latest breaks. However since this was a
white on black crime we also hear over and over about how this hate crime
has shook the community, how this needs to be combated, how the evils of
white racism need to be stomped out across the world!!

Based on the emotion and outpouring that the media has given in this
story, it brings me to the next set of cowards. Mass media has ignored
several high profile cases, not only in this state but throughout the
country in which whites have been the victims of brutal black on white
crimes. One of the examples of the most horrific crimes this century being
the Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom murders in Knoxville. The
trials of the accused are in the courts now but guess what, still a media
blackout. Here is another brutal black on white crime of recent. It`s not
a hate crime though.

Several black on white crimes committed here in Maryland have also had
mass media down play them and they have even go out of their way to insist
they were not racially motivated. This can be described as nothing less
than cowardice and bullying. Why cowardice? Because they know that if they
dare accuse a non white of any kind of wrong doing they would have special
interest groups all over them and may even lose their job for saying so.
So instead of stating the facts and actually standing up in the face of a
storm, they turn to cowardice. Why bullying? Because they will talk on end
about the horrors of racism when it comes to a politically correct target
and they know they will not be chastised for it. It is in effect the media
version of three young men beating a 76 year old man with a pole, for it
has become the epitome of society that all short comings of non whites be
based on white racism and therefore whites are to receive the full effect
of hatred from all.

The question is why are they able to get away with this? Simply put-
white people as a whole are cowards too. We have no special interest
groups. We do not look after one another. We decry it when a white person
stands up and says he is proud of his heritage and wants to preserve it.
We back down to the race hustlers like the NAACP who ignore black on black
violence but demand the world when it is a white on black crime. We
apologize and grovel for them not to call us names. We offer them
concessions in a desperate attempt to undo whatever kind of white racism
we have inflicted on them. We allow the mass media to continually beat us
with the notion that we are guilty for being white. We are in fact cowards
as a whole, but what is this cowardice, this suicide of our heritage??
America was founded by the courage and self perseverance of our
forefathers. Today we not only lie down and die but we celebrate our death
and hasten it along at the behest of the bullies and cowards in our mass

What about you? What kind of a coward are you? The one who won`t stand
up for yourself or the one who bullies those who won`t stand up for
themselves? Or do you justify your cowardice based on mass media`s
portrayal of what a decent white person should be? As mentioned above,
that would in effect be a white person who decries self preservation and
those who work for that cause.

One Maryland is none of the above. We have built a community for people who will
openly say we want to preserve our heritage. We want to create political
parties and self interest groups where we have people who will look after
our best interests. Mass media hates people like us because they know they
cannot intimidate us. They need to use any example they can to discredit
us, including the complete exploitation of a worthless career criminal who
claims to be a “white supremacist”. This is the model they will hold up to
the world as representative of us all. They are cowards.

For those already involved in our movement, do not get yourself into
trouble committing some sort of stupid senseless act. You will just feed
into their propaganda machine and hurt the efforts of everyone that is
doing something positive. Not to mention you will catch a lengthy sentence. For
those who are not involved and decry the position whites have been
relegated to in society get involved, speak up, and support those who are
working in a positive manner for Change For Our People.

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