Via Dolorosa- Complete Discography Vol. 1
Title:Complete Discography Vol. 1 Artist:Via Dolorosa Year:2016 Sample:na Price:$10.00

Vol 1 of the complete discography of Italian black metal band Via Dolorosa


01 Intro
02 Blut Und Boden
03 Usque Ad Inferos
04 Achtung J.!
05 Il Trionfo Della Volontà
06 Vento Di Guerra
07 Virgin Molestator
08 Necrodick In A Splattered Vagina
09 Trono Di Sangue
10 The 57 Second Fuck Off Song
11 The Song Of The Dying Bastard
12 Coraxo (Impaled Nazarene Cover)
13 Satanic (Nunslaughter Cover)
14 God’s Of War (Blasphemy Cover)
15 Absolutely Krieg
16 Death’s Design
17 Sangue Dell’Iscariota
18 Navartri: “The Lost History Of The Beginning” (Unreleased Demo 2006): Whore!-Scum Of Jewish God-X69x-Sado Ritual-Doll-Cremation-Rema Eryona-Angelic Penetralia-Fuck-Fuck2-Fuckkk-Kadaveria-The Orgy)
19 “S.S. Vir Alle Demo”: Intro-Hail Himmler,Hail!-Absolutely Krieg-Kaotik Assoult-Band Comments-Outro
20 “Trono Di Sangue Demo”: Intro-The Pussy Fukkker-The Secred Of The Moon-Blood Red Moon-Fdm-Outro

Track from 1 to 5 is from “The Black Sun Demo” (2005)
Track from 6 to 14 is from “La Pace è una Fase Temporanea Demo” (2004)
Track from 15 to 17 is from “I Giorni del Combattimento MCD” (2003)
Track 18 is the unreleased demo Navartri: “The Lost History of the Beginning” (2006)
Track 19 is the “S.S. Vir Alle Demo” (2002)
Track 20 is the “Trono di Sangue Demo” (2001)

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