PPDM 2017 Santa Clause Program

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PPDM X Straight Edge X Father Frost Mode X

2017 Santa Clause Program



Conformity, tolerance and individualism have been the norm for the majority for a long time. People are adapted to live in their own little world, not wanting to see beyond their noses and think more than about “tomorrow”. Fear and weakness does not allow the majority to leave their comfort zone. As soon as ordinary people take a step into the unknown, they start looking for excuses to their weaknesses and fall back into the previous state. Even on our way we encountered many similar people.

To be like everyone else. Condition, which is pleasant to the ordinary people, and so hostile to the ambitious strong personalities. Every day is a new battle with the internal weaknesses and external circumstances. Inner strength is not manifested immediately. It’s hard work, day after day, year after year. The path of a lifetime. Loyalty to himself and his principles until the death.

Only over the years the difference becomes clear between those, who are degraded and those, who every day confidently stride down the long ladder of success.
Success – is a multifaceted concept. It’s possible to lose much in a lot of areas if you entirely concentrate only on one case. It’s needed to sharp all the facets of your “inner diamond”.
Continuous development and self-education, career and business, sports, travel, family and children, spiritual and cultural education – all this must be balanced and in the harmony.

Everyone, who has a small part of the human inside, can change their lives. You just need the desire and we will give you the motivation, which has to become your daily habit by using your will. Correct habits – are the keys to success.

We have been giving the sobering slaps for the past 7 years. It’s really the time to improve your daily life even more, to something right, not caving under the world, but bend it under you. Only by standing with us on the way of daily fight against ourselves you will be able to answer on the hidden question: Are you worth something or is your whole life – emptiness?

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