11 Year Old Trump Supporter Beat Up, Put On Crutches

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Keep these stories in mind while mass media is telling you about all those “hateful violent Trump supporters”. On another note, the thing that all these white protestors do not realize is that by upholding this notion of assumed white racism they are creating a hostile environment for not only themselves but their families and friends as well. This is the legacy you are creating. When the day comes that it stares you down I guarantee they won’t ask what side you’re on. They’ll decide it just by looking at you and seeing that you don’t look like them

11 Year Old Trump Supporter Beat Up, Put On Crutches

An elementary school student from Stafford, Texas was attacked by his classmates the day after Trump’s election because he admitted to voting for the Republican candidate in the school’s mock election.

After answering the question “Who voted for Trump?” the student replied “I did” causing a group of boys to immediately walk over, pull him out of his seat and begin punching and kicking him.


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