Communists For Hillary: Media`s Double Standards

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Everyday mass media goes on and on about how Trump is supported by white supremacists. The simple fact about these “white supremacists” is that in reality they are nothing more than patriotic European Americans who (like any other group of people) care about what happens to their culture and heritage and are unapologetic in working on behalf of it. Mass media will trick you into thinking this love of culture and heritage means hatred for all others. They lie, distort news stories and facts, cherry pick the most extreme remote ludicrous events and hold it up as representative of us all while writing it off when it comes to others. One example: Mass media says Dylan Roof represents all white people, tear down the Confederate flag and monuments. On the other hand: Mass media says muslims killing multiple people does not represent all muslims. Don`t stereotype them.

In reality this is all a manifestation of their hatred for us. They want to bully us, to break us down and make us live how they want us to live. In short they want to destroy us, to flood our countries with so many people that we will never be able to have any kind of political voting affect. They want people of other cultures to rule over us, to dictate how we live. Trump`s immigration plan and America first / anti globalist policies are why he has the backing of European advocates. It is not out of hatred for other people, it is the right to self determination and rule by our own. Mass media fell all over itself to end apartheid in South Africa and give voting rights to the mass of people back in 1994. They rejoiced when Nelson Mandela became the first black president of South Africa. They say the people of South Africa should be ruled by their own. At the same time they want to deny this right to us in European countries. They will condemn to no end any kind of Eurocentric backing of Trump but completely ignore the communist backing of democrats. As we posted here back in July, there were communist flags flying at the dnc convention in Philly. There was no media coverage. John Bachtell, the head of the communist party USA has said he would be voting for Hillary. There has been no media coverage. Communism as a political party has been responsible for the deaths of up to 100 million people or more. Why would mass media completely ignore communist support of the democratic party yet condemn Eurocentric white people supporting Trump?  Perhaps it tells you something about the communist leanings of our mass media.

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