Label 56 Indie Radio Episode 15

Posted by Label56 in April 2015 | Radio

This is 15th episode of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show! This is the show we do to promote the worldwide music scene as well as upate you all on what`s in stock at Label 56. Todays show is a solid mix of Pagan metal, hardcore, Oi! and we also play several songs to promo the brand new From Vinlandic Shores compilation so kick back and enjoy. All of the music played today is currently available on our site at

01. Ravensbruck (From Vinlandic Shores) (Buy Here)
02. Vinland Friekorps (From Vinlandic Shores) (Buy Here)
03. Hvangur- The Birth Of (Buy Here)
04. Thirteen (Slavic Hardcore Compilation) (Buy Here)
05. Blooderevnge- Der (Buy Here)
06. Bound For Intimidation- Set My Brothers Free (Buy Here)
07. Spirit Of The Patriot- Punks Not Red (Buy Here)
08. Piarevaracien- Blessed By Europa (Buy Here)
09. Overload- One By One (Buy Here)
10. Gendo Missile (Buy Here)
11. Empire Falls- The Underdogs (Buy Here)
12. Message In Blood- Spitting At Failure (Buy Here)
13. Select Your Way – Thoughts About The Meaning (Buy Here)
14. Deathskull- Aufrecht Sterben (Kreuzfeurer Tribute) (Buy Here)
15. Perunwit- Ostatnia Droga Wojownika (Buy Here)
16. Will To Survive- Survive (Buy Here)
17. Attack- Degenerate (Buy Here)
18. Skraelings Bane I, Conqueror (From Vinlandic Shores) (Buy Here)

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