Label 56 Indie Radio Episode 11

Posted by Label56 in October B 2014 | Radio

This is the Label 56 Indie Radio Show Episode 11. This is the show we do to promote the worldwide music scene as well as update you all on what`s currently in stock at Todays show has a wide range of music from Oi and rock to hardcore, death metal and black metal.

Episode 11 Tracklist:

01. Zurzir- A Vaz do Razao (Buy Here)
02. Ubermensch- Lichter in Der Nacht (Buy Here)
03. Wolfsblut- Niemals Knecht (Buy Here)
04. SawCross Lanes- In This Moment (Buy Here)
05. Sturmkaiser- Europa Pagana (Buy Here)
06. Fyrdung- Corneliu Codreanu (Buy Here)
07. Mass Destruction- Schuldig (Buy Here)
08. 9 Val (Buy Here)
09. Attack- Death Shadows (Buy Here)
10. The Gits- Sluts And Booze (Buy Here)
11. KZT- System (Buy Here)
12. Respektlos- Du Bist (Buy Here)
13. Martial- Prayer (Buy Here)
14. Non Divine- Sturmende Voten (Buy Here)
15. Still Burnin Youth- La Vecchia Scuola (Buy Here)

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