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Like hardcore and metal? Label 56 has just stocked some really good cd`s as well as restocked a couple that were sold out. Among the new items are the new Brainwash- Time To Act, the cd from Disbeliever which is a project of Global Infected, Path Of Resistance and Fear Rains Down members, and the excellent hardcore/ metal core new release from Global Infected. The complete list as well as mp3 samples are posted in the links below. Complete list of new items as well as restocks from Moshpit, Second Class Citizen and Hope For The Weak found here


Brainwash – Time To Act

Second full length from this popular metal band. As their music has varied in style from their split to their full length debut, this new cd once again offers some variance to their previous music while still remaining unmistakeably Brainwash. A mix of metal, hardcore, and melody throughout and another excellent release. Click here for more info and mp3 

Global Infected – Das ewige Tier

What a great cd! Unlike some bands that throw in songs of varying styles (which I find myself skipping past songs) this is straight metal/ metal core all the way through. Each song is a heavy blend of metal (sometimes sporadic/ Slipknot like), hardcore and even some death metal. Sporadic and fast with varying vocal styles. My current favorite cd. More info and mp3 here

Disbeliever – New World Order

Killer hardcore project band featuring members of Path Of Resistance, Fear Rains Down and Global Infected. Musically similar to Path Of Resistance combined with some beatdown chords and gang backing vocals. Lyrically critical of society and mans baseless priorities in all of it. Cd comes in a fold out digi pack with 12 page booklet. More info and mp3 here

Endless Struggle- The Beginning

Metal/ hardcore side project from the vocalist of Brainwash. 4 song cd comes in a cardboard sleeve. Limited to only 200 copies. Very limited numbers in stock. More info and mp3 here

Gipfelsturmer – Wir Folgen…

This cd is a heavier black/ metal oriented cd for those who are looking for something outside the hardcore genre. Their newest release with 10 songs total.  More info and mp3 here


Sturmwehr & Uberzeugungstater – Familie Volk Vaterland

Very nice sounding split cd. Sturmwehr is a band that needs no introduction as they have been around for years putting out high quality melodic RAC. They contribute 5 tracks on this cd which imo are a tad bit heavier then some of their other music. Following them are 6 tracks from Uberzeugungstater who play a heavier RAC and reminds me somewhat of Division Germania. This is a great cd and includes a 12 page booklet. More info and mp3 here


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