RIP Bill Rolen: Political Cesspool Co-Host

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As a long time listener of PC Radio I have to say this very sad news. RIP Bil Rolen and thank you for your years of commitment.


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Political Cesspool co-host Bill Rolen has passed away

NOTE: Please read this entire post on the Political Cesspool site here

As many of our listeners already know, Political Cesspool co-host Bill Rolen had been valiantly battling cancer for over two years. That fight came to an end this morning. Bill is now in heaven.

This loss is absolutely devastating to me. In addition to being one of my very best friends in life, Bill was largely responsible for the development and cultivation of The Political Cesspool from its very inception.

Everyone who follows the show knows that Bill co-hosted with me on a regular basis, but he was always my right hand behind the scenes. I talked to him at length every week, for nearly ten years, and rarely made a decision without seeking his wisdom.

Whatever value I may have as a leader is due in large part to Bill Rolen’s sage counsel. His impact on me personally, and the radio program, specifically, over the course of the past decade cannot be overstated.

In addition to his value as a compatriot and mentor, he was an incredible role model. Those of you who did not know him as well as I did were robbed of a tremendous blessing. Those who knew him well can understand that what I’m saying here barely scratches the surface of his true value as a man. He represented the very best of what anyone could aspire to be.

He cannot be replaced as a leader, or as a husband, or as a father. That he be taken from us at 54 years of age is a loss from which we cannot recover, but rather than lament his passing I must thank God for the time he allowed Bill Rolen to be part of my life. That being said, I will miss my friend more than I can possibly articulate.

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