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Below is a quick interview with Steve from OC hate punk band Spirit Of The Patriot. It was originally conducted by Label 56 in June of 2010. The debut cd is due out soon on Strong Survive Records.

Greets Stavros, I am writing this interview to ask you more of your new band Spirit Of The Patriot. I have heard the song Future Of Hellas and am very impressed. Can you tell us how long ago you have started the band?

I think I been working on it since around March I guess.

What was your purpose for starting this band?

Well actually it was kind of an accident. I’m not sure if you know or not but I also play drums in Max Resist currently and wrote Future of Hellas for Shawn to sing. Roy convinced me to write another song for Shawn to sing and keep that one for myself. So I made future of Hellas and I was so pleased with the way it came out, and Roy was like “you HAVE to create a side project” and thus, Spirit of the Patriot was born.

 What instruments do you play in the band? Are their others in the band also?

Yea, It’s more of a project that I’m doing rather than a band. I am the guy playing all the instruments except for the song “Future of Hellas”. In that song Roy blasts some really kick ass lead guitars on it, and also some kick ass bass lines.

Have you been involved with other bands before this?

I currently play in Max Resist. I used to play in disorderly conduct outta NYC. I was in a pogo band outta Boston called the Sex Offenders, these punx are still giggin, they just replaced me when I moved. and when I was in middle school and high school I played in a buncha random punk bands here and there.

 The song Future of Hellas was recently featured on the Freedom cd compilation. How many other songs have you recorded and when can we expect more music or a cd from Spirit Of The Patriot?

Theres a bunch that I’m working on. I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed when they are released that’s for sure. There will be a cd coming out around august on Strong Survive records. I’ll keep you guys posted on that one.

I have heard the entire cd will be a concept about Greece. Is this correct? If so what is your inspiration for doing a cd in this concept?

Well, a bunch of the songs will be about Greek related things, but not the whole album. The inspiration began when there was a protest in Athens not too long ago, and me being of Greek ancestry keeps in touch with the Greek comrades. Anyways, There was violence between the nationalists and the anarchists and they were all arrested only to have the leftist government call the police station and have them release the leftists and keep the nationalists in jail. These patriots are trying to keep Greece pure. That is the land that created me, and immigration will destroy us all if nothing is done. These guys are fighting for our continuation, and now they are prisoners of war and my heart really goes out to them. I guess all I can really do right now is create music and spill out all of my heart and soul for my racial brothers. I share their pain, and my tears drop for them and for Hellas.

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