Mass Medias Big Zimmerman Lie

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Zimmerman was on the ground being punched when he shot Trayvon Martin

The excerpt below is reposted from the original article at Examiner(dot)com. Read the full story here

Last weekend in the city of Chicago alone, gangbangers slaughtered ten people and wounded another forty. The youngest fatality is only six years old. The youngest person wounded is only one-year-old. Many of the victim were pedestrians sprayed with bullets in drive by shootings. The national news has said nothing about this.

So why does one shooting in Florida warrant weeks of national news? Why has there been thousands of articles a day, for the last four days, about one single shooting?

Almost all of the news items about George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin contains a combination of false statements, opinions presented as facts, transparent distortions, and a complete absence of some of the most relevant details. Almost all news items are written soley from the point of view of the grieving family. The media also fills their articles with outdated baby-faced pictures of Trayvon. Very few include that he was a towering 6’2” football player. Is the media really reporting the news, or is this classic agitation/propaganda to advance a political agenda.

Literally thousands of articles contain at least one false statement in the first couple of lines. They usually read ”George ZImmerman, a white man,” or ”shoot by a white man.” Zimmerman is described by family as a multiracial Hispanic. His appearance is clearly that of a Latino/Mestizo individual. However, the media wants him to be white because that better fits the political narrative they are trying to artificially create. Many news articles have also claimed the neighborhood is ”mostly white.” This is also a lie. The neighborhood is only 49% white. It is over half non-white.

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Does the media want a riot?

A new poll posted here wants to know if you think mass media is intentionally trying to create a riot:

“Many in the extreme left-wing believe that riots and violence are a good thing. It provides the best opportunities to implement new socialist policies and government projects. It is now nearly a month after Trayvon was shot and the media is hammering the story harder than ever. Do you believe that some people in the media are intentionally trying to get blacks in Florida to riot?” Click here to vote and see the results

Was Boy in K.C. Fire Attack a Victim of His School’s Racist Teaching?

While mass media is continuously reporting on the George Zimmerman story, the hate crimes against White Americans (two of which include attacks against 85 year old women and a 15 year old girl in a cast) are being blacked out as usual. A recent story here from Kansas sees an entire system of anti white propaganda being spewed out by a Kansas City high school staff. This repetition of school sponsored anti white hatred resulted in a 13 year old boy being doused in gasoline and set on fire while walking home from school. Read that story here

No media, no advocates, nothing…

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