Is Ron Paul A Racist?

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I`ve made several posts in the past here at Label 56 in support of  Dr. Ron Paul and his run for the presidency. This however should in no way validate the repeated attacks he receives by people on the left. It is simply from my own feeling that people should be able to live their life according to their desires as long as they are not hurting anyone else. This however is unacceptable to the left who want to make everyone into their image. There is a great article below that addresses not only the fascist left, but also goes into the extremes of the right. I think we all could learn something from it




Is Ron Paul A Racist? Original Article Here
By Brien James
Founder of the Vinlanders Social Club and the American Vikings Project

There have been ongoing reports in the media linking Ron Paul to racist groups and persons, and trying to paint him as a closet racist. Well as a person who has spent over 20 years being a member of, sometimes leading segments of, and ultimately having my ideas rejected by, the White Nationalist movement, I can say without a doubt that Dr. Paul would certainly fit into the category of a racist and that he is working towards the interests of racists (as well as every other citizen of this country).

However, the catch is that he only fits the definition of a racist as outlined by extreme left wingers. You see, the extreme left considers any number of people to be a racist for a variety of reasons. The most common and easiest way to be labeled a racist, fascist, or hate-monger is simply to disagree with anything that the left says or does. So to the left, and the left controlled media, Dr. Paul is certainly a racist because he is against entitlements, supports states’ rights, and is opposed to foreign aid. By the same measure the extreme right considers him a pacifist, hippie, anti-racist, druggie, and gay crusader for his views on some of those topics. The extreme left, also what I like to call the fundraising left, or the fascist left, considers all conservatives to be bigots in much the same way that the hardline members of the White Nationalist movement consider nearly everyone to be a race traitor for one reason or another. So, if you choose to blindly accept the opinions of “watchdog groups” (the fundraising left) like the SPLC or ADL, or the opinions of far left activists or celebrities then you probably won’t want to bother reading any further. However, if you are a concerned libertarian, conservative, or centrist then listen to what I have to say on Ron Paul and racism. There is no better source when it comes to the topic and I have no particular motive to be dishonest one way or another. I simply have nothing to gain or lose on a personal level, and my name is tarnished past the point of giving a damn. I am writing this because it is the truth and it entertains me to do so.

In all honesty, I do believe in this man. He helped change my life and my worldview. I still have enough friends and influence in the White Nationalist community to tell you with certainty that he is not accepted there. They hate his drug legalization stance. They hate his pro-gay marriage stance. They hate his immigration stance and they hate the fact that Dr. Paul openly says that THEIR definition of racism and racial activism is wrong and a waste of time. Now notice that I said THEIR definition. The acceptable stances on most issues for the far right are just as fascist and intolerant as the far left. This comes as no shock to you because it is drilled into your head daily through the media and institutions of this country, but essentially these people want forced segregation, deportation or extermination of a wide variety of people and Dr. Paul does not support that. Quite simply put, I believe that his philosophy is one that allows for everyone to pursue life, liberty, and happiness as long as they don’t hurt anyone else along the way. This was a hard pill for me to swallow at first and most members of the far right or left will never swallow it because by their nature they cannot stand to let the people with whom they disagree live and prosper in peace. Both the left and right are full of people that see anyone who disagrees with them as an evil entity that must be either controlled or eliminated.

As I said before, I don’t have to explain this to you when it comes to the right. Every modern American has been heavily indoctrinated with the evils of right wing intolerance for the biggest part of our lives. What you may have never thought about is how the extreme left is no different. The left believes that if you don’t want to give billions to Israel you are an anti-Semite. They believe that if you want our borders protected, and immigration laws enforced, that you are a racist. They believe that if you don’t want the government to redistribute the income of the working class and be a nanny for the welfare class then you are a hatemonger, and they will label anyone accordingly regardless of any facts that may prove otherwise. They don’t budge or compromise on their beliefs and they meet any attempts at debate with scorn and aggression.

These are the people that have labeled Ron Paul so what you have to ask yourself is what your definition is. Do you define a racist by the terms of the extreme left which would probably include the majority of you if you fell under their spotlight? Do you define a racist by the definitions of the racist right that even they can never seem to live under? Or do you fall somewhere in the middle? Just like with most things, I think we all fall in the middle. This is the second thing that Ron Paul has taught me as well as many others. Beyond the fact that people should be able to do as they please as long as it’s not hurting anyone else, I also now understand that the truth nearly always lies in the middle of the two polar opposites that the media and power structure try to offer us. The extreme right lets the left offer up a position and then voluntarily takes the polar opposite every time which leaves them in a position of seeming compassion-less and hateful. And some of them are. They have done this for decades and it is the reason that White Nationalism will never gain any real support. I know this, and yes I’m sure Ron Paul has dabbled enough in the extreme right to know this as well.

This racism accusation is just the tip of the iceberg here. The Republican establishment is far more guilty of intentionally misrepresenting Ron Paul than the people who are trying to paint him as a racist now. They insinuate that he is weak or soft for wanting us to pull out of these wars. They say that he is crazy for wanting a sound money system. They try to paint him as a heroin dealer for wanting to end the war on drugs. You will figure out his true motivations for all of this with minimal investigation if you just do some independent research. I beg you not to take my word for it. Look up the man’s actions and his voting record. Ask yourself why he would take stances that get him slammed by all sides from the establishment? People from the extreme right wing may be attracted to Ron Paul’s ideas but I can tell you from first-hand experience that he is pulling them out of their ideology and they are not pulling him into theirs.

Brien James

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