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This interview with Lucan Wolf was conducted by Rick/ Label 56 in February of 2010. You can get his cd Warrior on Cd baby here




Hello Lucan, I want to start by thanking you for doing this interview. You are a talented artist who many people may not be familiar with so hopefully this interview will let people know a bit about you. Can you give our readers a history of your music career and how old you were when you first started composing?

First let me say thank you to Label 56 for all the support for my music and for asking me for this interview. Label 56 is one of the few music distributors I trust and you have always been 100% up front and honest with me and with your customers and I appreciate that.

From my childhood there was always music of some kind playing in my home or car and with that constant exposure I was making up my own little songs and melodies and singing. I would also sing along with the radio or in those days, record player and it was for me like training. Then with school I joined band and learned to play tenor saxophone. I also sang in chorus but was more comfortable playing the sax. I learned the basics of reading music but had more of a knack for playing by ear. When we had to play at school functions and such I played from memory mostly. I still play and memorize by ear. Reading sheet music was always kind of boring to me. The life in the music comes from the sound not the printed or written note for me. As I grew older I began to write lyrics and a bit of notes on paper but basically the process is a lyric or melody will come to mind and the music is all in my head. Each part like a symphony. It just stays there until I record it then I clear it out of my mind to move on to the next song.

Two part question:

1. You have come into our music scene a bit later than most musicians but as you stated you have been making music for years.

2. I wanted to avoid this same old generic question but because of that I have to ask if you have you always been “racially conscious”?

1. Yes I started recording music in late 2002 with my first vampire/dance themed album “Night World”. It was a learning process for me. I had always wanted to record my own music and release it but after many years of not being involved in music and getting back into it, it took time to learn the process of recording and production. When I was in my 20′s the recording process wasn’t like today with so many ways to produce and record your own music especially from one’s own home recording studio. There were no PC’s or laptops as there are today. Now there are all kinds of great “toys” to work with. Now over 8 years and 5 albums later I’m finally getting to play catch up with all the projects I have wanted to record.

2. Yes. Certainly in the aspect of noticing as a European American/ Caucasian or White at a young age, that there were different races around me and that I was of the White race with our own unique heritage and culture. I am proud of my Folk and our accomplishments in establishing civilization. Our Arts, our Societies, our Scientific achievements. No other race has been so giving and kind to others. Yet more in this time than any other, we are becoming the victims of our own generosity.

Left wing liberals, socialists and communists brand any White/ European American or White European as “racist” simply for having pride and racial awareness of themselves and their own people. Yet they applaud other races for expressing their racial awareness, which is total hypocrisy. As a White human being “Racially Aware” or Racially Conscious does not mean one is a “racist hater”. If there is any sort of “hate”, it is hatred and hypocrisy spouted by the enemies of freedom and true diversity. The Leftists, the socialists, the communists are the true haters. Whites being Racially Conscious, being proud, and wanting to further, preserve, and protect their own race just as every other race wishes to do, is also diversity.

May I also ask what contributed to your current state?

I must say as a child I was a victim of the forced de-segregation of our public school system. Instead of improving schools in primarily black areas the government chose to “force” everyone to mix. I can tell you first hand that most black kids who entered my school were no more happy with being bused from their areas into mostly white schools than white were into theirs. It was constant fighting. Constant class disruption. I was a good reader and a year ahead of my classmates so I read and learned mainly on my own. I saw white girls hit and insulted and even sexually assaulted. The “liberal” teachers would seldom speak up or do anything about it and in most cases the blame was put on white kids for any fights or other disruptions.

There were a few black kids who honestly tried to get along and learn. Those black kids were picked on by other blacks who said they were “acting white”. It still goes on today. The blatant racism and double standards towards white students. The public schools are no more than social experimentation labs today. Brainwashing facilities for left wing socialists and communists who want to destroy our culture through undermining our youth. Easy victims are children for these cowards. Home school and private schools should be considered for educating our children.

How do you use your music to convey your message?

Well as you know, I’ve recorded many styles of music. The messages on my album “Warrior” are about pride, heritage, strength and courage. Things that are not being taught to our youth today. None of the songs speaks of “hate” towards any race in general but of standing against evil and any common enemy even if that enemy is inside of you. It could be communists, liberal leftist haters, or it could be drugs, or self doubt etc.
The songs do reflect European culture especially that of the Viking/ Norse and Germanic cultures. One can interpret the lyrics in many ways as with any song. I’m very happy with the fact that many parents have written and have said to me that “Warrior” is an album that they aren’t afraid to let their children listen to because it contains no vulgarity. The songs which are about battle are songs about valor in combat not senseless violence. Chivalry and honor. Protecting and loving women, not degrading them as is so popular in the mainstream “rap” and “Hip-Hop Culture” noise being spewed out on the radio and television today.

Your music on the Warrior cd is very unique in that it focuses on positive messages that celebrate the legacy of our folk. Can you tell us a bit about your inspiration for your music?

Simply put, my heritage. It is also how I would like to see the world again. A world with borders and respect for the separation and true “diversity” maintained by that separation and respect for borders and different cultures. A world were honor, valor, and pride is taught and maintained.

As mentioned earlier you have several styles of music. Your Outlaw cd is just a good old rockin country cd with really no politics involved. I`d imagine being more from the southern half of the US that you take the inspiration for this cd from your life.

Southern pride yes. I think the Confederate battle flag is beautiful. Red, White and Blue.
I fly it sometimes. Not as a “hate” symbol as the lies of the leftists are taught. I fly it as a symbol of history, the Southern States, or rebel pride against government oppression. The spirit of the rebel is that of freedom. Remember in the Revolutionary War the British called the first American flag a symbol of “rebels”. The War between the states was not fought over just the issue of slavery as is taught in our public schools. It was about state rights and taxation. The North was profiting from the South and in fact the SLAVE LABOR which was producing goods shipped to the North.

Yes slavery was wrong. But the Stars and Bars does not represent hatred and slavery. That is a lie. The “Outlaw” album is just a good old fashioned Country/Honky Tonk/Rock blend. I don’t feel as a racially aware European American/White artist, that you have to make nothing but political music or bitch and moan about social issues. You can make any kind of music you want. Perhaps with the exception of “rap” or “hip hop”. I’m fond of blues music. Blues music is as much White as it is Black. True folk music merged with African slave songs to form what is the deep south Mississippi Delta sound, but in Europe the folk songs and laments and Irish ballads were brought to America and they were in fact a form of what is now known as the “Blues”. You’ll hear a bit of Blues feel in my vocals and music on “Outlaw”. I have also re-mastered the album and added different versions of a few songs from the original release. I hope to have the new version of “Outlaw” released later this year. I think it sounds a bit cleaner and I really like the new versions of the title track and “Wheels Of Fire” I recorded last year.

You also mentioned that you do “electronic vampire” type music. Can you tell us where your inspiration for that came from?

I love classic horror films and Halloween and have done a lot of research into Occult subjects. The vampire/gothic themed music was just a natural thing to do especially in starting out in recording. It was easy to write from that frame of mind. The romantic, sensual and spooky. Many of the songs have an underlying sense of humor about them. ;) Some are dance/electro/disco and others more rock based. A unique blend to say the least.

Again most of the songs kids can listen to without parents worrying. This isn’t “Satanic” poseur music. It’s more upbeat and party style. Who says vampires, werewolves, ghosts and the like can’t have fun? I’m slowly working on getting my second and third albums “Vampire Nights” and “Nocturnal” re-packaged and re-released. My first album “Night World” will take a bit more time to get together. It was a real pain in the neck (pun intended) to get that first album recorded and I’m still not happy with it. When I think it’s as right as it will be, then I hope to release it again by the end of 2010 or early 2011.

I think a lot of mainstream America sees us as the nut jobs mass media makes us out to be. That being said I think it`s great that you make a lot of music that is non political. One thing I`ve always tried to get through to people is that we basically have the same things in common with them, we just want a better future for our people and aren`t scared to admit it openly and work towards that. Would you care to elaborate any more?

I think your statement is accurate. Our people have legitimate issues within our racial community and being a doormat for every left wing socialist/communist nut job isn’t going to get us anywhere as a people or a nation whether it be in America, Europe, or elsewhere. And I’ll be the first one to come down on any organization that makes Whites look stupid. I recently had it out with one so-called “organization” which also distributes “Warrior”.
I let them know after they sell off what copies of “Warrior” they have left they will get no more. Playing dress up and and acting like a white power bully isn’t going to help our people. Talking tough and shouting against the U.S. Government and law enforcement all the while hiding behind the same police line that protects your small group of idiots doesn’t represent me as a white man and I hope others feel the same way. Pride and positivity will overcome the negative stereotypes certain groups and their members keep portraying for attention and financial profit. They are not wanted or needed.

Now two questions for you that I am sure you get from a lot of people.

1. Can you tell us about your tattoo and what kind of reactions you get from people?

2. Can you tell us where you take your name “Lucan Wolf” from and the significance of it?

1. My face tattoos represent my struggles past, present and future. They are my warpaint which doesn’t wash off. The same as many European warriors of old and warriors/ soldiers today wear combat paint. They also represent the magic and energy of life. They were my personal rite of passage. My way of letting a lot of things out and I never regret a single day for getting them. My face tattoo was my first tattoo. I designed it along with tattoo artists Dave Lukeson who did all the inking, and Sean Karn. I wanted something abstract and although I won first place for best Celtic/Tribal in Richmond VA in 2006, I consider it more tribal than basic Celtic. The blood tracing took 6 and a half hours. I went back to the studio a week later and did the full inking straight through for 9 and half hours. Yes it hurt but it’s mind over matter and determination. If you make a commitment you don’t back down.
I did it for me and no one else. I didn’t do it to get attention although I knew people would notice. How could they not? The reaction I get has been 99.9% positive. Anyone who doesn’t like it usually doesn’t say anything and my opinion is if someone doesn’t like it that’s their choice. If you don’t like looking at it look elsewhere.

I get a lot of nice compliments from people and I am proud of what I consider “my mark” every time I look in the mirror. It reminds me of who I am and what I’ve been through and to never forget. To never take for granted the good things I have and especially after nearly dying in 2009 from a serious illness, life in general. My tattoo represents that warrior spirit to fight and keep going.

2. My full name is Richard Lucan Wolf. I grew up under the adopted name of a stepfather. It was not my real name. My real father’s name was Weldon from German and Dutch/Danish ancestry. After some research the name Wolfe appeared in my line. The Wolf is also an important symbol for me spiritually on a personal level and important in Nordic/Germanic Myth and history. Freki being one of Allfather Odin’s wolves. Thus I took the name Wolf many years ago and reclaimed my own identity to my bloodline. Lucan which can also mean wolf, has several meanings one being “bringer of light”. A name I chose because of a dream I had. I won’t go into that at the moment but I do like that name and am proud of it as well.

I have had the pleasure to not only meet you in person, but also see you perform live at our St Patty`s Day Show last year. While your performance was not done with a backing band you proved to be an excellent entertainer. You seemed very comfortable and did a great job working the audience. Can you tell us a bit about your live shows and what you try to do as a performer?

It was a lot of fun performing at the Label 56 event and I appreciate your inviting me and treating me so kindly.
When I perform I feel an obligation to do the best show I can. If a venue books you, an audience takes the time to come and see you, and especially if you are getting paid to perform, then you better damn well give it your best each and every time. You may not feel well, you may not have the ideal conditions to perform but the audience doesn’t care about that. they came to have a good time. They cared enough to come and see YOU perform. You owe them that and the respect for showing up. Many singers and bands take their audience for granted. I don’t. My job is to entertain and make people happy. If I can give them a show to remember and help them to forget about any problems they have for time I’m up there singing then I’ve done my job. I’m there to make THEM happy not the other way around.

Going back to your differing music styles, can you tell us what some of your musical influences are and what you enjoy listening to?

My musical influences run across the board from Classical, Big Band, Country, Traditional, Honky Tonk and Folk to Rock, Pop, Disco and Eurodance. Just about everything because you can learn a lot from listening to different styles. I am a huge fan of Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Danni Leigh, Mickey Gilley, Chris LeDoux Merle Haggard and Dwight Yoakam to name just a few. Many artists from many styles of music have been an influence in one way or another.

I know you are working on new material as well as trying to re record some of your previously released material. Can you let us know what is in store from Lucan Wolf?

2009 was a rough year for me health wise and recording wise. I think it was a rough year for just about everyone money wise. I’ll be back in the studio February 15th, to record new music for my next country album and I also will release the remastered version of “Outlaw”. I’ll be working on a few other things musically as well. I’ll also have my website redesigned, up and running. New music videos will be shot and I hope to get in some live performance dates as well. And yeah I’ll be adding a new tattoo or two to my body as well haha.

Thank you very much for this interview and your well written responses. Do you have any closing words?

Thank you again to Label 56 and all their staff at events for their support and for this interview. Hopefully I’ll see you again in 2010 and the good people who come to the concert events and be able to sing for “Y’all”.

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