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Stand Up & Speak Out!
By Ryan Wojtowicz

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Every day we turn on the news or read in the papers of the horrifying violence erupting in NEPA, but sadly, most of the times these events are brushed off. Unless this happens in our own backyards,  people tend to  proceed with their apathetic mindsets. It wasn’t until last week with the machete attack outside of G.A.R High School that the people of Wilkes-Barre and surrounding areas began to show concern for their communities.

Last week on February 9th right outside of G.A.R High School, a brawl erupted between students which resulted in a 15 year-old student’s hand being nearly severed from a machete. An investigation quickly followed the incident, and it didn’t take long to conclude that the brawl and machete attack was the result of racial tension between black and Dominicans. Surprising? Maybe for some of you, but the investigation discovered that this has been an on going problem between the two for quite some time now. It’s a battle for superiority between the two. “They think they run GAR and we think we run GAR,” Kemp, who is black, said.”  Link to news article here

The ironic part of this whole situation is that Steve Smith of the EAAC and myself attended a Wilkes-Barre Area school board meeting back in April to voice our opinions against Ron Felton (president of the Wilkes-Barre chapter of NAACP) and Jeff Namey’s (Wilkes-Barre school district superintendent) intent on seeking out non-White applicants to accommodate the increasing numbers of minority students in the school district; basically stating that the students would feel more comfortable with non-White teachers and faculty. During the discussion of this issue, Steve Smith warned Jeff Namey and the rest of the board that Wilkes-Barre will become more violent and unsafe as the racial demographic becomes less White. Jeff Namey failed to heed the warning. The EAAC believes that Namey needs to step down as Superintendent ,and the Wilkes-Barre school district needs someone that does not bow down to Ron Felton’s anti-White policies, has guts to stand up to these racial issues, and puts the safety of their student body and community first!

Now, the community is worried about what the future may hold after this incident – the fighting between the two groups will most likely only get worse considering that the group attacked by the machete is talking about retaliation. Residents around G.A.R High School are worried about the future violence. Neighbors of the school stated that this has been on going problem that has been ignored by police and school officials. Not only are the neighbors concerned but also the parents who have children attending the school. Who will the next victims be? Is it safe for their children to go there? The answers are  obvious. If one group wants to claim superiority , they are going to target anyone who stands in their way.

This brings us to the simple question – how can this problem be solved? Since the police and school officials refuse to do anything , whose responsibility is it? With nothing being done, it is now left up to the community. In April, when EAAC members attended the school board meeting, surprisingly not too many people were in attendance. In order to realize what’s going on you have to have a basic idea of what’s going on racially. Discussion of racial issues is a tremendous no-no for white people. The general European-American population will avoid any type of racial discussion at any cost – whether it’s in fear of being labeled or the feeling of white guilt, the issues are simply not discussed. So, in this example when the NAACP approached the school officials at the board meeting,of course these officials are going to bow down. Number one, they don’t have the guts to take the stand that is needed to protect our culture, heritage and identity. Number two, they fear what will happen to them if they refuse to agree to the NAACP policies. If refusal of the agreement is the case, unlikely, the NAACP and other critics won’t hesitate to cause an uproar portraying the school district as “racists” and “hatemongers”. These anti-White individuals/groups will do anything in their power to make the lives of these school officials miserable. The sad part is that they will accomplish their goal because not one single person from the community will stand up to defend the school officials-not one. The point here is that there has to be a strong community – a people who stick together and support one another. Otherwise ,nothing will ever change.

A strong, vocal community has the power to change almost anything, but they HAVE to stick together and support one another. Especially support the people (officials) who have the courage to stand against policies or anything else that we know is morally wrong. It is a  necessity that has been proven through out history .  No matter what side of the political spectrum the person(s) or group was on – it happened because of some type of community support. People have to get more involved with what’s going on around them and be more open and vocal. You can sit around at your dinner table and discuss what you might support and what you might now – but sitting there talking privately amongst family  is not going to accomplish anything unless you get up and do something to get involved. You don’t have to run for office to get involved, or go door to door to be active. It can be just as easy as going to town meetings, school board meetings, having a get together at your house or a restaurant to bring like-minded people together. Whether it’s something small or not – everything makes a difference. Remember, united we are strong ,and we’re able to overcome any obstacle that stands in our way.

This article was written from my own perspective and knowledge of the local community.

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