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Below is an interview with Poli from Skinhead Magazine originally posted on the Revolt NS Blog. Skinhead Magazine is a great zine out of Spain and I would encourage everyone to contact them to get a copy. You can read my review of a past issue here


1.Hello Poli, greetings from NS Revolt e-zine. Please introduce the history of “Skinhead magazine”? How it gets started ?

Hello crew! Well, it’s a long story. Everybody knows me as Poli and I’m 35. I’ve always been written on mags. During 1995-96 one friend and me knew the ‘Rock and Revolution’ magazine editor, the project liked us and we supported it writing reports, etc.. but finally the mag disappeared because had different problems. After that, I cooperated actively in other mags like ‘Clase Obrera’ (Working Class) in 1997-98, ‘Extreme Sound’ in 1999 and others as Rägnarok (1996) or The Voice of Spain – in English (1999-2000). I decided to do my own magazine in 2001 and I did two issues of ‘Race, Rock and Revolution’ but I had troubles again.. and in 2003 I returned back with my NS/WP Skinhead Magazine -from issue 3-but I had troubles again when the issue 9 was out. Finally the magazine name changed to only Skinhead Magazine and from the issue 10 was printed every two months.

Some years ago I was thinking to print a magazine in English language, similar to Spanish edition. Peter from Pure Impact cheered me to go on forward and 12 issues are out now, althought I must add it isn’t a success.

The most of people are not aware of the effort and perseverance what a magazine need when you are doing it regularly. The worst problem I have it’s fucking money, print and post costs are really expensive here. That’s the reason because you are doing a web-zine, isn’t it?? Money and capitalist society is the cancer of the 21st century, no doubt, but this is other question.

2.You have interview many bands, but what is the feeling to be on “the other side of the barricade”? Have you ever been interviewed before?

Buff… I’ve published on 300 interviews in my Skinhead Magazine proyect from 2001. I have not favourite interviews, but thanks to some interviews I have contact with really good people.

Yes, I have been interviewed sometimes. I answered questions to B&H Romania, Frente Negro, B&H Hellas, Omerta, Golpe a Golpe, NS Violence, Morrion and Juventud de Acero magazines. And to Nuevo Orden Musical, Soto del Real Resiste, Ultra Sur Ciudad Real and Bombardero Skinhead Magazine webzines. I don’t know if I forget anyone….hehe. I’m very happy to answer an interview but usually I need some months to do it becuase I’m always very busy not only with my magazine; my job and my family need all my time too. My favourite activity is to play with my sons.

3.Do you have a “black list” of bands who never answered you questions :) ?

Hahaha, no, I have no black list of bands who never answered me!!!! But it’s a good idea!! haha, it’s a joke. Many bands, more than you can think, didn’t answer my questions. The worst is when a band tell you: “yes, send us the questions and we’ll answer them soon” and they’ll never contact with you again. That’s sad but it happens.

4.Why you have interviewed so often Greek bands? Is there some strong connection with the Greek scene for you?

Well, the reason is simple,…. Greek bands always answer!!! Old band Boiling Blood didn’t answer my interview because the band split up. But the rest, except Sergeant Oi!, always answer me soon. Thanks to interviews I got good contact with good people…. Albert, Kostas, Christos, etc… I have no special connection with Greek scene but I think the people from South Europe keep common points of view about life, for example, such as, Italians. But I think all European people are brothers, from Athens to Helsinki, from Moscow to Madrid.

5.Why you are so interested in Czech/Slovak and Eastern European scene in general?

Well, I was in very good touch with skins from Czech/Slovakia, Poland or Ukraine in 90′s, I keep good memories from these years. I think people (not only in skinhead scene) were more honest and compromised in these times than now when we have the technology in our hands, people don’t know to use it in the right way. I specially remind to Ian from Czech and Lukasz from Poland, we were in touch by letter from many, many years.

About music, I like too the music from 80′s-90′s in East Europe: Orlik, Vlajka, My Lai, Krátky Proces, it’s a long list to name all bands…




6.Why do you prefer to use A5 format for the zine instead of bigger size like NADSAT for instance?

A5 format is better to send it by post, perhaps isn’t so professional as a bigger size, but it’s more convenient and cheaper. There are not special reasons.

7.What is your opinion on Bask and Catalonian separatist and about separatism in Europe at all?

It’s a complicated question. I’m a Spanish nationalist, no doubt, but I’m, or I consider myself, NS. As NS I support, respect and defend ALL European cultures, languages, etc… Spain is a country which was built from different communities who were united by blood and cultural ties. Marxists and capitalists interests want to destroy these ties spreading lies, regional confrontations, envy, etc… Unity is strength, but if white people is divided in Spain or Europe cause to separatism, chauvinism or other Marxists or capitalism strategies then a third way, a growning of NS ideas, will be impossible. Of course I want a Bask or Catalonia areas where their culture and language can develop healthily inside Spain, but it’s only possible in a NS Spain which is inside a federal NS Europe free of Marxism and capitalism.

8.Your comments about the latest news from Spain – the court said that “neo-nazi” ideas are not illegal. Is this really good news, or just another trick of the system? In same time nationalist have been prosecuted – the case of Josue Estebanez , trails against B&H Spain, Pedro Varela… just to mention a few. Did the present days are bad times for Spanish Nationalists and Revisionists?

It was a great sentence for Spanish NS but it’s not a free or blank check. A thing is theory and other different is practice. Spanish laws are confused about NS, it depends what judge is judging you, the law is written but every judge interpret the law as he or she wants -under his point of view or political beliefs-, really!

The trials agaisnt B&H is an example of that. B&H Spain was a legal association but the most of B&H were sentenced by illegal association (?). Pedro Varela is only inprisoned because the judge is a friend of leaders of SOS Racism in Barcelona…. Catalonian judges are harder against NS and Pedro Varela is considered a dangerous person in a multicultural society as ours. I’m sure if Varela had been judged in other Spanish area, he wouldn’t be in prison today.

I must add the Varela’s imprisonment is only getting him stronger, sure.

9.What is the situation on nationalist political scene in Spain? As far as I know there are 4 different fractions of “La Falange” and many other small organizations? Is the scene is so divided as it seems?

Well, I personally think the Spanish political scene in nationalist and NS-NR movement is a total jigsaw. Falange, in my opinion, is in a deadline without future. The most of leaders in NS movement keep old rivalries from the CEDADE’s era, being this organization the most important NS movement in Spain ever. The most active and better politically talking under my point of view are AN and MSR parties but democracy never will allow a strong NS-NR party, so I don’t believe in democracy…. Financial system well hidden behind democracy loves the power and our ideas are the opposite. It’s remarkable the excellent association Devenir Europeo which is very active publishing NS texts, fanzines, etc…

10.Spain has the highest rate of unemployed young people in Europe. What are the reasons for that? Do you think that the situation will get better in next few years?

Really it’s about the 40% when in Austria or Netherlands is 4%. I don’t see a solution of that in a short time… for example, it’s cheaper for a company to fire up a young than offering a long-time contract of employment, so the most of big companies fire up young people continually, contracting again other young people and fire up them again six months or one year later. The new government have promised a new work law, they have promised too a financial reform. But about work, the situation is complicated, the building construction is an unviable work-area and don’t exist in Spain any productive work area what can absorb five millions of unemployment persons.

11.Some words about “Democracia national” and Manuel Candela (ex Divisiosn 250). Did he betrayed his former beliefs as a skinhead?

Manuel Canduela has a long history in Spanish scene, right, their ideas now perahps aren’t NS but calling him traitor is excessive under my point of view. I think he chose a different way, more nationalist, lighter facing to mass media trying to reach the people votes. But the Spanish nationalist votes are totally divided in a lot of little parties and carry a message to population is very difficult when democracy is spreading shit about you.

12.Changing the subject onto music topic finally – what are your memories from your early skinhead days? Memories about bands like Division 250, Estendarte 88, Batallon de Castigo? What was the spirit of the times back then with no Internet, Mp3’s downloads, etc.?

Well, I personally keep no good memories from the first years, we were in a lot of problems, we were too young. At the beginning of 90′s skinheads groups were unconnected, people met on football matches and little concerts. Only one shop about skinhead items was in Spain in these years, all contacts -national and international- was by letters whose answer was anxiously expected…

It was wonderful times, people were more honest, sincere, genuine, there were other times, old times…. I see young people today on streets playing with drugs, adicts to internet, no values, no future, but no problem they can watch tonight Big Brother. Really sad.

Oh, great, first bands as D250 or Estirpe must be on every skinhead’s record collection, I remember the first Primera Linea gigs when I was a teen. Yes I’ve seen twice or three times to Estandarte 88 on stage, they played a lot of concerts during many months, every weekend -the most active live-band ever in Spain-, I still am in touch with the band drummer. And about Batallón de Castigo…. they had the best live show in Spain, and perhaps in Europe, people turned crazy dancing in front of the stage. Eduardo, the Batallon singer, is well-known showman in Spanish scene. I remember to see them in 1998 or 1999.

Of course, sadly skinhead scene is changing every year. I’m not agree with new tendencies inside skinhead movement although, of course, I respect them. Downloading is good when you’re looking for a rare old record but to download current records is really a problem for labels and a healthy scene.

13.What can you tell us about present music scene in Spain? Is it hard to organize a gig?

I’m very critical with Spanish music today. During early years bands play more simple music but lyrics were great, real battle hymns, very well done you were able to vibrate with all of them -full of feelings-, but tod

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