Pat Buchanan`s New Book And Neo Fascist Attacks

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Pat Buchanan is a man who has consistently written about the (globalist) programs reeking destruction on America and it`s founding European culture. In his new book Suicide Of A Superpower he states that “In a few decades, … America will be gone forever. In its place will arise a country unrecognizable to our parents.” In today`s society there is a policy that every class, group and race must be allowed to advance to their highest level through whatever means necessary, except for White Americans. In fact, the means to which everyone else is to advance is always at the expense of the white working class. This subject has become extremely evident to anyone with open eyes and more and more are speaking up. This has caused the neo fascist ruling class to go into a frenzy attacking anyone who admits these truths out loud. After the release of his new book and also an appearance on The Political Cesspool Radio show, in true Fascist fashion, the call has been made to fire Pat Buchanan from his job at MSNBC. The insanity of the left will be their ultimate downfall as they make their Anti American, Anti European agenda more and more evident everyday.


The excerpt below is from an excellent review of Suicide Of A Superpower. Full article here

For two decades now, Pat Buchanan has been warning us of the dangers our country faces. When he first started sounding the alarm, at the end of the Cold War, those dangers were hard to perceive. Now, they are hard to ignore. Pointless wars in the Mideast have resulted in thousands of American casualties and the waste of hundreds of billions of dollars. Our trade policies have led to the loss of millions of manufacturing jobs and 50,000 factories and an increasing dependence on foreign nations, which both provide us with goods we no longer make and own our debt. Uncontrolled immigration has driven down wages and driven Americans out of the job market in some areas and is poised to radically transform the country. The great American middle class is reeling, in part because of the downward pressure on wages caused by free trade and mass immigration. Unregulated finance has brought the nation to the brink of economic ruin, and the loss of a common faith and common culture threatens our national unity. All the while, the federal government has continued to grow and grow, constantly assuming duties it does not have while failing to exercise those it does. Pat Buchanan was called many names for raising these issues, but he has been right and his critics have been wrong.

Now Buchanan has written a new book, Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? This book continues to raise many of the issues Buchanan has long stressed and shows where we are likely to end up, if we do not change course. It is well-written, well researched, and highly persuasive. It will likely be of interest to most Chronicles readers. (Indeed, Chronicles is quoted more often than any other journal of opinion). The book also challenges, head on, the regnant ideology of “diversity” and “multiculturalism.”

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