Manifesto For Another Youth

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Manifesto For Another Youth


We are the youth who have today made a choice: to stand up and be the first in line.

We are the youth who chose Thermopylae rather than to be lethargic and live in denial.

We are the youth of the summer camps, long climbs in the mountains, martial arts and learning through struggle. Youth constructed by effort, sweat and self-transcendence.

We are the youth of alternative culture whose roots are intact. Rock bands with bagpipes and bombards, a chorus chanted in Latin, with dance music or classical . We take part in traditional dance, and we mosh.

We are the youth who refuse suicide as a personal escape, in order to live for future generations, or the horizon of our civilization.

We are the youth who place our faith and transcendence over material goods. We value selflessness over selfishness. We choose a heroic dimension of life rather than one based around a career.

We are the youth who refuse all drugs; soft, hard, chemical or natural. We want to consciously confront the challenges of this society and look our destiny in the eye.

We are the youth who choose the path of our community and together are determined to forge the future of our motherland.

We are the youth who will bring these words of nobility to politics and invest in all fields of action with clear ideal: the future will not happen without us.

We are the other youth. We are like you, become like us.

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