Straight Edge: Youth Resistance

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Original article posted on the NS Straight Edge Blog from Hungary here

It is commonly accepted that we live in a sick society with cheap models for youth and values. Our every day lives are filled with people on the political and non political scale full of delusions. The majority of young people see and recognize the problems of society, yet are guilty of inaction. One major problem for the inaction of the youth is due to substance abuse.

Abuse usually starts at a young age. The concept of “teenage rebellion” is equated to smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc and acquaintances will push the “forbidden pleasures”, which due to curiosity one will indulge. These pleasures then become routine, one leads to another and we all know where it ends. This is one cause of  our people`s indifference to the system because their only interest is staying sedated. They have no ability to think or the strength to react. Several times in the schools there are discussions around the topic of drugs and abuse which are only a monologue of the teacher or a lecture from an official which does not always have an effect. This is where the philosophy of  Straight Edge comes in. Straight Edged is against alcohol, smoking and drugs. It is the philosophy that a mentally and physically healthy person can go against the tide of rotten modern society with the ability to think clearly and act strongly. It is only conclusive that Nationalism and Straight Edge are two currents in the same line.

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