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In stock now at Label 56:

Second Class Citizen-
Truth Over Ignorance

Debut full length from this German hardcore band. SCC released a “demo” cd a few years ago that I really enjoyed. This new cd brings them into a more advanced musical direction with multiple vocal styles as well as several different musical influences combined into their hardcore sound. Great music with an aggressive in your face edge, varying vocals and music styles easily makes this cd one of my favorite releases this year

Second Class Citizen- No Lore Lies MP3

Saw Cross Lanes-
Awaken From A Sleepless Dream

This is the debut cd from Germany`s Saw Cross Lanes. This cd is 9 heavy tracks in the Death core/ Melodic Death Metal vein. It has been highly anticipated as it features both male and female vocals. A heavy cd with lyrics that revolve around the decay and downfall of society. Definitely one for your collection

Saw Cross Lanes- I Will Never… MP3

LYRICS: I Will Never…

Remember my words, my music and my life
Don`t get lost in this society be true to yourself
Open your eyes and clench your fist
Your only fight is one for you, your family, so live for this
I will never give up the fight for the kids of tomorrow
Against the lies of today
And all the f*cking sorrow
We turn our back towards society
We are lost and live in poverty
But we will be strong and stand this time
In this f*cking world full of crime
We make noise and stay loud
We have nothing but we are proud
Us vs them

*To order these cd`s got to the “Catalog” section at Label 56

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