Riots In Bulgaria

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This is being reported now- Football fans burned up the house of the top gypsy mafia boss, after gypsies ran over and killed a 19 year old Bulgarian boy a day ago. His friend who was with him had a heart attack and died in the hospital few hours later. More then 1,000 policemen and Gandermery are in the neighbourhood, everything is blocked but more and more angry Bulgarians travel to the place of riots

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2 comments on “Riots In Bulgaria

  1. This clan leader is known for a series of crimes – prostitution, drugs, bad alcohol that poisoned lots of people in the past. He lives in several palace like houses and has more than 5 cars, has security guards armed with weapons and at the same time this boss and his family are all listed as unemploed. People know this criminal for years, now he has taken one more innocent life and people in the country can’t stand any more of this gypsy terror. The man who killed the young boy is said to be hired by the clan leader. There’s a video of him from 2010 saying that this boy is causing him trouble and if the authorities don’t do something about it the situation will become frightening. The authorities, the politicians and their corruption are guilty for this brutal murder, if they weren’t corrupted and did their job years ago to put that criminal and his family in jail this boy could be alive!

  2. Thank you for that info. It is great for people to understand what is going on. Please email me at with updates and I will get them posted

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