Who`s Rioting In London?

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Leaning across the bus seat, these teenage killers shake hands in a sickening moment of self-congratulation.

One is heard to say to another: ‘You’re the new young boss.’

Just half an hour earlier they had been among a vicious gang who hunted down a schoolboy ‘like a pack of wild dogs’ before knifing him to death.

The gang are now behind bars. They were jailed for a total of 74 years yesterday over the killing in broad daylight in a busy shopping street of 16-year-old Nicholas Pearton.

That is an excerpt from a recent court case that has wrapped up in the UK. Stories of rape, murder, and gang attacks against whites are pretty common in the UK. As stated in an old post from the One Maryland Blog- Britain Is Sick. It is truly interesting to watch how things are playing out, and is also an example for the rest of us. Those words ring true today.  The UK like virtually every other European nation has been flooded beyond it`s means with immigration. Even though the citizens of these host nations work hard every day struggling to get by in order to provide these immigrants with welfare, free food, free housing, etc., these host countries are “evil, racist and repressive” towards these bringers of cultural enrichment. Today cultural enrichment has burned the city down. Of course nothing will change, their government thought it would be funny to flood the country with non white immigration and when it`s all said and done it will be the working man`s taxes who go to rebuild it so it can be burned down again. Seems to me they are the ones who should be pissed, but as stated in a recent post on American Vikings- We Are All Going To Get What We Deserve

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One comment on “Who`s Rioting In London?

  1. label56 on said:

    As I stated in this article earlier, nothing will change for the white working class of Europe. In fact, because of the riots they are planning to take more from you to promote diversity. A story just posted titled Soul Searching Lies Ahead… has confirmed that. A reader comment after the story says it all- The first paragraph shows how much trouble we are all in. “British Prime
    Minister David Cameron will face pressure Thursday to … do more to help
    inner-city communities…”
    There it is folks. All this and nothing learned.


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