Ron Paul and the Media Blackout

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It`s being said that the Republican party cannot come up with a candidate strong enough to take on Obama. This past weekend in Iowa a man who gets virtually no media attention (unless it`s negative) came within 200 votes of beating the straw poll winner in her own state. You`d think if they really wanted to win they would throw their weight behind him. But they won`t. Why? Because unlike the rest of the corporate controlled politicians and media he is a man who cannot be bought by special interests. He is a man who would truly do what he feels is best for you and America. Remember- As a general rule, if mass media tells you someone is bad you should look into them, there might be something there that they don`t want you to see. If they tell you to support someone, run like hell as fast and as far as you can from them!

Below is a hilarious piece by Jon Stewart on mass medias black out of Ron Paul originally posted here. Ron Paul`s website here


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