Flash Mobs Demonstrating The Reality Of Race

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Across the US flash mob attacks have been occurring on a regular basis. These mobs are mostly groups of black teens and the attacks generally carry distinct anti white motivation such as beat whitey night at the Iowa state fair, the singling out and beating of whites at the Milwaukee state fair and in Peoria, as well as the many anti white comments being directed at the victims.  The video here doesn`t mention race, but shows the numerous white victims of several attacks in Philadelphia

In general Whites are trained to not see race. All others are encouraged to look out for their own interests with even federal money going to their advocacy groups, media outlets, etc. Whites are the only group of people who do not stick together on issues that affect themselves as a whole. That time is changing. Massive immigration as well as forced integration programs like section 8 housing, affirmative action, etc have pushed the reality of racial differences in our faces. It is not that whites are inherently racist, it is because we have the become victims of anti white attacks. Times are changing, there are no more suburbs whites can escape to. This has led to examples like California where the skinhead scene is one of the largest in the country. This is not because a group of white racists have successfully pumped propaganda into the area, it is survival. These places have seen a massive demographics change. It is like prison, when you go in you have to stick by your own kind for protection because race is real and if you don`t recognize that you will be shown the hard way. As things get worse America will become more and more self segregated. In places like Orange County, California it is nothing to see groups of 10- 15 skinheads walking down the street. That is survival, plain and simple. As America becomes more and more darker more and more whites are going to learn we will have to stick together. It is not racism, it is reality, it is survival.

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2 comments on “Flash Mobs Demonstrating The Reality Of Race

  1. Charles on said:


    I just wanted to say that you’re doing a great job with this blog, I’ve been observing the American “movement(s)” for a good while now; and it’s good to see such positive work put together.
    Here in Europe the metapolitical approach has shown great results; and I’ve to say that even if we can understand why pro-whites initiatives from the US are so extreme, still it’s good to see a blog not flooded with swastikas and shitty designs.


  2. label56 on said:

    Thank you for the kind words. I have likewise been watching the many activities taking place in Europe. I am very impressed with the activism and unity. I try to promote it as much as I can and also hope that maybe some of it will have an influence on future events here.
    And yes I do try to keep my blog, website and general speech clean of the more “extreme” elements. I like the lines in the piece on your blog stating “spread your knowledge to those who can still think rather than discuss with those who already know. And be patient, remember they have been victims of media propaganda for years”. That is what I try to do and that is the example I try to set. Our issues are ones that every day people relate to, but when you dresss those issues up in costumes and symbols they do not relate to we will never reach them. So thank you for your support on my blog and also for the words you have written in yours. It is what I think and try to convey, and you have put it in straight and easy words that many can understand.

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