A Fundamental Aspect Of Education For Media Consumption

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A Fundamental Aspect Of Education For Media Consumption
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The advertising messages of corporations invade children and adolescents in their shell. This vortex of persuasive messages and images that make up the fascinating ecosystem in which they live do not sell just brands or products, but are designed to sell values, values ​​that are associated with models of social success. These successful models tell the kids what the preferred lifestyle is. It shows them the satisfactory experiences of binging, materialism and individualism. Through the techniques of propaganda, the audience is conditioned from early childhood, that pleasure and satisfaction comes through materialism and consumption.

In the “consumer society”, eating is not just a means to satisfy certain basic needs (as it is in other cultures), but the act of eating has become an end in itself. It does not matter as much what you eat, but the important thing is to eat:  as a status symbol, a guarantee of satisfaction, as personal therapy by a means of escaping, or as an inexhaustible source of pleasure. It effectively produces the illusion that to increase consumption you can prevent dissatisfaction.

This consumer society creates a kind of subjective addiction, a dependency on a lifestyle related to the compulsive consumption of all types of merchandise. The use of symbols and meanings in mass media and advertising feeds the vicious circle of consumption which is shown as the only way to achieve happiness.

Lifestyles based on binge consumption and materialism, can cause a range of harmful consequences for the development of children both psychologically, and physically and socially.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a report which says that “violent behavior, sexual risk behaviors, academic underachievement, low self-esteem, body image, unbalanced nutrition, obesity and drugs top the list of problems created by an excessive or inappropriate consumption of television in childhood and adolescence. ”

As we see, the teaching of media consumption is not just a problem of education for our children but also an important public health problem. You need to educate the public to make them aware and teach responsible management of the media in their homes and in their daily lives. In order to reduce the harmful influence on children and society, a key aspect of this type of education is to question and redefine the collective symbols of success celebrated by media and advertising which often represent anti-social values as well as the promotion of unhealthy lifestyles for people and the environment.

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