When The State Breaks A Man

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Thomas J Ball committed suicide on the steps of the New Hampshire Cheshire County Courthouse last month. His story has been completely blacked out of national media…


“How much does the State weigh?” Josef Stalin asked an underling who had been ordered to extract a confession from an enemy of his regime. Stalin understood that, given enough time, agents of State-sanctioned cruelty can break any man.

Thomas J. Ball, who committed suicide by self-immolation on the steps of New Hampshire’s Cheshire County Courthouse on June 15, was a man who had been broken by the State. A lengthy suicide note/manifesto he sent to the Keene Sentinel, which was published the day after his death, described how his family had been destroyed, and his life ruined, through the intervention of a pitiless and infinitely cruel bureaucracy worthy of Stalin’s Soviet Union: The Granite State’s affiliate of the federal “domestic violence” Cheka. Read more here

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One comment on “When The State Breaks A Man

  1. Lexander on said:

    All I am able to say right now is WOW! WTF is wrong with this world? Why didnt I hear about this until ten minutes ago? Blackout isnt even the start. They cover every towelhead in the world but this…

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