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Let me start this post by saying that I rather enjoy Saturday mornings, in fact I enjoy them so much I actually look forward to them. Wake up early, no rush to get ready for work, everything is calm, there`s no noise outside, etc. I normally just relax, drink my coffee and scour the internet for anything interesting to post in the blog. Because this is a blog for the record label I always check out the various music blogs and sites first. From there I go to the more political sites, especially the ones that post stories corporate media tends to ignore or water down. Again, this is a blog for the record label so I try to keep the political posts to a minimum but seeing things that are ignored or watered down by corporate media compels me to make note of them. I have been up since 6 this morning doing that today and instead of making a bunch of different posts will just make note of a couple things I have seen.

The Amren site is one I have been checking out quite regularly as they seem to have the most info on all the latest “flash mob” incidents. Today an article caught my eye titled Arguments For Our Side which gives some advice on how to  debate someone with opposing views. The left always resorts to name calling, slander, etc in an effort to work you up and discredit you so I`m always interested in effective and intelligent counters. I also think if you are part of an organization you should get together once in awhile and practice debating with one another just to sharpen your skills.

An article here discusses Fast and Furious. This apparently is an operation set up to send American guns to Mexico to be used by the drug gangs. The high numbers of American guns being used in the murders in Mexico is supposed to be the pretense to destroy the Second Amendment as well as shut down gun shows here in the US.

Ron Smith is a local radio host here in Maryland. He does a very conservative show and I enjoy listening to it throughout the week.  His blog likewise links to stories that are of interest and he also writes some good commentaries. Like many he recognizes the myth of equality. It is much harder to raise standards of the ill-proficient then it is to lower the standards of others and the only way to create equality is to lower the standards of the most efficient. His latest commentary addresses this myth and discusses the fallacy of the No Child Left Behind Act. Read more here. Also in a semi related story there is an article here on the University of California`s useless “diversity programs”.

In the disgusting story department- I saw a story a week or so ago about three little girls who set up a lemonade stand only to have it robbed by some teenagers. I did a google search on it because I was going to post a link to it and I was rather shocked to see a lot of these stories >:/

The last thing I`ll address here is the top news everywhere- the debt ceiling. Without saying any more about that I`ll just leave it off with Ron Paul`s first tv ad for his 2012 presidential run

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