Minority Feelings and Violent Facts

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This year’s trend,  so called “flash mob” attacks of black youths attacking whites gathered at amusement parks, parades, etc.. has finally garnered some media attention. Over the weekend in Milwaukee 22 year old white victim Shaina Perry had her head split open in a robbery with her asthma inhaler stolen while the perpetrator yelled, “damn, white girls bleed alot!” This 4th of July attack was one of many across America.. Below is an excerpt from an article discussing the recent flash mob attacks and how mass media dances around the real issue.  Read More Here

One of the great successes of modern liberalism is that it has constrained our public debate about racial issues.  A sheep-like media, craven politicians, and thoughtless academics have all failed in their duty to grapple with this social problem.  With enough layers of guilt piled upon us, we can’t even see the problem staring us in the face.  The media is creating an atmosphere of passive ignorance towards racial violence, and that ignorance places all of us at risk.

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