Hard Bass Revolt

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Article posted from Madrid Antiantifa

About six months ago was when the first videos of Hard Bass in Eastern Europe appeared. No one expected the uproar it would create later. At first glance, this looks like a typical dance/ techno fashion which is linked to the constraints of the system, but nothing is further from the truth. As a subgenre of extreme music and dance, the influence has been spreading like wildfire from the east of the Old Continent
On the surface it may seem that this is just a group of young people who enjoy electronic music and a seemingly meaningless event, but this subculture has a deeper and crucial environmental message, and even promotes having fun without drugs and alcohol. This is discipline at a different level.
One of the most prominent is the ” Great dancing school of hard bass ” (in English), a Russian DJ who talks about the working class youth having fun without drugs. This is a rejection of the Pumping House created in Holland which is dominated by drug use. The Hard Bass is the first sub-genre that promotes fun and electronic music without drugs.
Over time they have been adding various elements such as masks, football scarves and flares… the latter thanks to the strong influence coming from the football games of Eastern Europe. The Roman Salute can also be observed in many videos, which of course means respect for the old European traditions. But most of all this is meant for the people to have fun in a healthy way and make a statement against the imposed order, much like a cheerful riot- a revolt against the established system.

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