Amy Winehouse Dead: Suspected Overdose

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So all over the news I am hearing about the death of Amy Winehouse. If I didn`t know any better I would be asking why someone like her was given celebrity status in the first place when there are much more talented artists. Basically, like the “counter culture” of the 60`s, it is because mass media likes to promote that which is vile and degenerate and harmful to society.  Amy Winehouse had a hit song a few years ago where she boasted of her refusal to go to rehab for her drug addiction. Drug addiction is a horrible disease and I have seen it completely ruin many people. I`m sure her celebrity influenced more people to think drug use was cool than it did to counter it.

Once again it is mass medias goal to promote anything degenerate, which is why people like Amy Winehouse get the forefront while women like Saga get shunned. Below is a cover of the Skrewdriver song Wasted Life performed by Swedish female musician Saga. Rather than promote songs like Rehab, they should be playing a song like this. If you like this check out some more of Saga`s self titled releases as well as music from her metal project Symphony Of Sorrow in our catalog here


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One comment on “Amy Winehouse Dead: Suspected Overdose

  1. Stavros on said:

    Great Cover!!!

    -spirit of the patriot

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