For The United Europe Of Fatherlands: A Greek Nationalist Analysis Of The Financial Crisis And Mass Media Lies

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The following was written by a Greek Nationalist to address the lies being told in German and Greek mass media about the financial crisis. They are using a typical mass media divide and conquer tactic between these countries pitting the citizens against each other with only the elites benefiting.



For the United Europe of Fatherlands:

The financial crisis in Greece proves what Greek Nationalists claimed decades ago:  The ‘’European Union’’ is the final step to our catastrophe. In Germany the mass media tells you that your money is being taken to pay for Greece. In Greece our mass media tells us that Germany is leading us to poverty. These are lies being sold to the people on purpose, to divide the European Nations once again. Mass media in both countries serve their world masters- power and capital. The Greek working class used to work over 40 hours per week getting a wage of about 700 euro per month. After the crisis and the interference of  the IMF, the wages and pensions were reduced over 25% and unemployment increased to 20% (over 750,000). Greeks are now unemployed and 2 million of our people are living in poverty. Additionally, over 2 million illegal immigrants enjoy the care of  “Hellenic democracy” for free! At the same time, the “Greek”’ banks made profits in 2010 while receiving 30 billion euros of government financial support. The entire amount of money that has been given by the IMF and EU is used to reimburse the loans, which have been paid to corporate world banks like Goldman Sachs. As you can imagine, taking a loan by these sharks means getting 1 euro and paying back 1,000 euros’’…

Germany, they are lying to you! Your money, as ours, is only going to the elite world banks!
The Greek Nationalists’ response to the eternal thieves and enemies of the White Nations is the same as ancient Sparta’s King Leonidas’ answer 2,500 years ago: “Come and get it !”


K.E., Comrade from Hellas

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