Fast Food: It`s Not Just The Food That`s Bad For Your Health

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Liberals are funny. They will jump on the drop of hat to decry “white racism”. Their hatred of a healthy white society has them placing everyone else in a protected class. Whether its black, brown, red, gay, transgendered, drug addicted, illegal, etc, these people are all members of a protected class that is being used to dispossess and destroy white society and whites are normally prosecuted to the full extent for any altercation with a member of this class. The question is, what do they do when this class turns on each other? The recent beating at a local McDonalds of a transgendered by two black females has pitted one side of liberal community against the other about whether this should be prosecuted as a hate crime or not. (Video here) Liberal society will eventually fall apart on it`s own because it is unnatural and anti evolutionary. The question is whether White America will let it destroy our self in the process.

Read local radio host Ron Smith`s excellent commentary on this incident here

Another post on Occidental Dissent addresses McDonalds anti white 365Black program here.

“Some outraged White people are calling for a national boycott of McDonald’s over its anti-White 365Black diversity policy…
It’s a sign of the times when fast food chains like McDonald’s start drawing racial distinctions between their customers and promoting one racial group 365 days a year above all others – White people being at THE BOTTOM of their racial food chain.”


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