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Hip hop is a form of music that has been pretty much been shunned by those in our movement and music scene. Even still there have been many musicians and acts that perform this style of music over the years and have used it to spread a message of National Pride. There are now several musicians and acts that have been getting promoed and it looks like it is being accepted as a viable method to the resistance. Personally I do not see a problem with this as long as it is done in a positive manner. We are living in a society where rap and hip hop has been promoted to White youth and there are many who only prefer this kind of music. The left has made their advances into everything they can in order to promote their agenda and I think we need to take a page from their book. Growing up in Baltimore City I have known many whites who only listened to rap music, but these people were still very racially conscious. This style of music may not be for everyone but by ignoring this outlet we are basically shutting out a huge portion of our people and our youth. Just to make a quick example, the Irish rap group House of Pain was huge years ago among many whites (not just those into rap) just because of the cultural aspect they included in their music. In fact I knew several people whose only rap cd in their collection was House Of Pain. I think if we can advance on that a bit more we will really set something off.


N´Socialist Soundsystem – Volk ans Mikrofon “People To The Microphone”

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Makss Damage- Sturmzeichen EP

The six song ep can be downloaded for free on their website here

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Russia Concert

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5 comments on “National Hip Hop

  1. mark davis on said:

    I have to say I disagree. I have never meet any totally pro-white people who listened to nothing but rap. I have meet people who were of like mind on our beliefs, they listened to rock as well as crap. I really believe we are neglecting a huge segment of people who are a lot closer to what we stand for already. country music is huge. even among kids. might not be as big in the cities among the whites as in the small towns and burbs but it is still pretty big. hell i can not think of any city I have been to that does not have a few country stations on the radio. I have to say country is where we need to make inroads in to. that is what i believe we could make a big impact.

    • label56 on said:

      I agree, for whatever reason country music has been almost totally ignored here in the US. However I also feel that using such means to relay the message shouldn`t be abandoned. I grew up in baltimore city so I have seen a lot of whites who listened to rap who were racially conscious. I didn`t say they were totally pro white, but being a minority in a city and experiencing the joys of diversity definitely gave them a level of self consciousness. I still think it is more so a musical preference. People listen to rap because they like the way it sounds. They don`t get into rock, country, etc. If there were music they liked that relayed a positive message rather than trying to make them into dope smoking wanna be gangsta`s I don`t see the problem with it. The left took over the hearts and minds of our people by forcing their message into all facets of mass media (music, tv, movies, etc) I think we should learn from that.

  2. label56 on said:

    P.S. If there were some country music musicians I would definitely be promoting them. The rap artists in this post were from European countries also so that isn`t even something that has taken hold here yet, much less a country artist.

  3. mark davis on said:

    yeah sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you. unfortunately i do not know anyone in a country band but if i ever run in to any pro-white people who want to start a country band i will send them to your site. As for your point that the jews and there anti-white scum have used every facet of the media I agree with you on that. I myself find rap/hip-hop to be pure garbage and damn near everyone i have every meet who only listened to rap or listened to it over any other form of music were total wiggers or wiggers who had some racial pride. but i doubt i would ever call them comrade or brother unless they totally changed who they were and acted like they were white all the time not when just around other whites. hell i remember talking to some of these guys and they would talk about having white pride and then would have battle raps with the mucks. So I don,t mean to rant or say your ideas are bad. you seem to have a lot of good ideas. you have a gym and comrades training in mma. A lpro-white record label. hell you guys are really showing the rest of the skinhead crews in the US and the world how to build a proper crew/club. I admire the hell out of what you have accomplished and hope to start a pro-white mma club or league some day where all pro white people can compete and prepare themselves for battle and get in to fighting shape. It is great that you get together and train instead of just drinking. Like I said I think you guys are leading the way when it comes to racial activism. 14/88 kinsmen!

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