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Last night here in different parts of the US two huge shows took place. The first was the St Valentine`s Massacre sponsored by Daily Reminder Productions in  California. The second wasn`t being advertised but it featured one of the biggest bands here in the US.  I`m very happy to say that there were no problems at either show and people who have reported on both shows said they were the some of the best shows they have been to.  We are working on posting some pics/ reviews/ etc. I want to thank everyone for supporting the bands and the concerts. When people go to shows and have a good time it really helps to strengthen our music scene as a whole and lays the groundwork for more shows in the future. In the end the music is an important vehicle for our ideology, and a strong united scene makes for a strong front on all levels.


Show Review- Bound For Glory, Heathen Hammer and Martial. February 26th, 2011 Chicago

The following was sent to us by the sponsor of the show. Pics coming soon-

MARTIAL killed. Sound was the best I have heard thus far. Both renditions of  “Parasite” were intense. Having heard the advance of the forthcoming Mlp and seeing this performed live, proves MARTIAL to be one of the integral foundations of NSBM.

HEATHEN HAMMER assaulted the crowd with ferocious War Metal, while still maintaining a melodic undertone. The band was extremely tight and all songs were played without flaw. Vocalist J. commanded the crowd and stayed on the floor with the pit during the entire performance. Very impressive live band and this performance dwarfed the previous show with GBK and ABSURD.

BOUND FOR GLORY is a band like no other. “Hate Train Rolling”, “Welcome”, “Damned”, “Freddie’s Dead”, “Plunder and Pillage”, “Commando”, “Your Worst Nightmare”, “Doctor Marten Dental Plan”, “Iron Eagle Flies Again” and many many more including 3 new tracks. The style sounded very much in the brutal style of “Hate Train Rolling”, focusing on Ed’s guitar riff mastery.
“Damned”, “Welcome” and “Your Worst Nightmare” were also played again at the end of the set. Their drummer was intense and highly impressive as he was very young, but handled it extremely well.


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