Interview With Major Williams Of Brainwash

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We have just posted an interview with Major Williams of the German metal band Brainwash.

Label 56 currently has in stock several cd`s featuring Brainwash including their excellent debut Moments Of Truth which is one of the best cd`s ever to come out of our music scene. We also have in stock the Rock Fur Deutschland and Tribute To Kreuzfeuer cd`s. These cd`s can all be found in our catalog here

This interview with Major Williams from the German metal band Brainwash was conducted for Uprise Direct by Eric in February of 2011.

1. First and foremost it is a pleasure to converse with you, How is the current NSHC scene in Germany?

It’s an honor for me, to answer this interview for you. There is a strong NSHC scene in Germany at the moment, with lots of great and talented bands in our ranks. Our mates in the Bands are getting more professional over the years and next to the texts, the instrumental side is getting much better. Bands like “Burning Hate” , which recorded their new CD at OPOS Records are as professional as any other mainstream band in Germany. The music quality is getting much better and the German youth recognizes the texts and the political message in the songs. They recognize, that many rumors of governmental institutions are just nothing but lies.

2. I see you have three excellent releases with Brainwash, Can we expect any other forthcoming releases for 2011?

It´s 5 years ago, since we recorded “Moments Of Truth” and it was sometimes really difficult to juggle all our jobs. We all have families with kids and a lot of stress in our daily routines. But we can proudly say- you’ll hear some great news from Brainwash in 2011! We finished some first songs and we’re working at a worthy successor for the “Moments Of Truth” album. You can be excited

3 Any impending shows for Europe or The U.S that we can anticipate?

We have some great invitations in Europe and we try to attend them all, if we can. We´re looking forward to gigs in Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia and Hungary. We played in the USA 2 years ago, but another gig isn´t planned yet. But if someone is interested to get brainwash as band, can contact us under We try to carry our message and our songs to all the comrades around the world.

4. I hear a modest black metal sound in your voice at times, Do you take note to any Nsbm, or black metal in general?

I really like Black Metal music and maybe sometimes it influences my vocals.

5. What are some of your preferred bands in the pro white music scene, or in music in general?

It depends on my mood, which kind of music or which bands I prefer. I like melodic bands like In Flames, but also some good old death metal, like Entombed, Carcass or Dismember. At the moment, I enjoy Parkway Drive from Australia and as an insider tip for you- Kvelertak from Norway is pretty good. I like Black Metal like silencer, Deathspell, Funeral Mist and Dark Throne.

Of course, I like politically music, like No Remorse and Skrewdriver, of course BED and at least Burning hate, which has produced an ass kicking album.

6. Did you like playing in America? How was it different that Europe?

Yeah, we had really much fun in the USA and the comrades greeted us hearty. I enjoyed playing for the American comrades, the audience really rocked. The biggest difference is the amount of viewers. In Germany the crowd is much bigger, but I’m sure that depends on the size of the USA and the huge distances the comrades have to cover. We recognized that many comrades join different gangs and it’s pretty sad that some guys just come to concerts to beat up other comrades from another gang, as on the “Uprise” festival. I’m sure, that it’s better to march together for our believes. That’s a big difference to the concerts in Europe.

But all in all, we had so much fun as in Europe, the American comrade stay in our hearts as brothers and we had an unforgettable time with lots of fun.

7. Your CD Moments Of Truth was of admirable superiority, how long did you guys spend in the studio? And what equipment did you use to record it?

We recorded the album in 3-4 days. Our guitarist deified Dimebag Darrel from Pantera, that’s the reason why he plays a Washburn guitar on Marshall speaker boxes. Otherwise, we use a normal bass guitar and a Pearl drum. It was long ago, but I can remember all these details….

8. Are there any other ventures or bands that you are in which you would like to tell us about?

Some guys from Moshpit and Brainwash launched the new band project “Sharon Tate in which I’m sharing the vocals with the female singer (and my wife) Emma Peel. She also sang the Brainwash ballad on the “Tribute to Kreuzfeuer” sampler. At “Sharon Tate” she’ll also sings screamo-vokills. Otherwise we work at new stuff for our main bands Moshpit and Brainwash.

9. Who does your album art and layouts for your myspace?

We´re doing all artworks on our own, that includes CD artwork and website layouts. My job is everything around the CD design and the Moshpit guitar player creates our web-layouts.

10. What was your most memorable gig? And what made it that way?

The most memorable gig for me was in 2009, when we performed with Blitzkrieg, Sleipnir and the Lunikoff guys (formally known as at the “Rock fuer Deutschland” Festival. There was a crowd of 5,000 comrades in front of the stage, That was an amazing experience for me, to see all the proud brothers and sisters and it makes me optimistic for our future.

(Note: The Rock Fur Deutschland concert was recorded on cd and it is available through various record labels in our music scene)

11. What are some of your main influences as a singer and a band?

Nobody, but sometimes my band-brothers pass some critics and give me some feedback- that influences my behavior or my style…lol…

12. I see you hold your own clothing line, how is that going for you?

Yeah, since 2 years I run my Label “Dryve by Suizhyde Clothing” and I got some good feedback from the German scene. We´re create modern Tshirts with a political message. You can take a look at my website deliver to the whole white world …lol…

13. I wanted to also say AMAZING cover of Kreuzfeuer, it had a nice Paradise Lost feel to it, When did you record that? And do you plan on doing any other songs in that vein? I ask this cause I really enjoyed this cover, and the style you chose for it. (Song featured on the Tribute To Kreuzfeuer cd)

I´m pleased that you like it. We recorded the song in 2009 to honor our fallen comrade Jens Rahl, the former singer of Kreuzfeuer. It’s not a cover like the other bands did , so we decided to record a hymn, that express all our sadness about his death. We like good ballads and maybe we´ll make a new one on our new album.

14. Alright thank you so much for your time for this interview, I know you are very busy man, any concluding words for your fans?

I have to say thanks, because of your interest. I send regards to all the interview readers- stay true and never treat our believes. I´m proud of you brothers and sisters.

Major Williams/ Brainwash

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