The Frame Up Of Edgar Steele?

Posted by Label56 in Politics

Those that do not know, Edgar Steele is a lawyer who has defended those who have been targeted based on the simple fact that their philosophy of life clashes with that of those who hold power above them. He was recently arrested surrounding a bizarre series of events that really don`t seem to add up. This particular case states that Mr Steele was involved in a murder for hire case against his wife, but in reality nothing about the case makes any sense, and even his wife says so. Throughout several radio interviews conducted by Jamie Kelso, Mr Steeles own wife and his lawyer discuss the flaws in the case against him and why this case seems to be nothing more than the selective prosecution and frame up of a man deemed an enemy of the state. You can find these interviews posted here under the titles of Cyndi Steele. I encourage everyone to listen to these interviews and look more into this case to find out where freedom really lies.

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